Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lego Chaos Catapult

To be truly honest, first and foremost this reminds me of something from Warhammer 40,000, which is a very good thing! It is a great introductory set for Nexo Knights, and the build is really easy, simple and fun. Whether you are using it to siege the Fortrex or having it guard your dresser the Chaos Catapult is going to please. I love the detail on it, the cute teeth, the orange eyes, with that, is this really happening look to them, I think the Catapult has a sarcastic streak. The figures are great, I love the colours and the designs. I am highly pleased with the set and am looking forwards to getting the Knighton Battle Blaster.
One final thing, Lego, you've finally done what all of us did as kids, you mixed your Space sets and your Castle sets together and created something out of this world! Can next year's Nexo sets be the glorious result of Castle mixed with Aquazone? Please!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Well, it's 2016, dang, just dang, 2006 seems like it wasn't all that long ago. Anyway speaking of 2006, Ace Combat 0 was released that year, and now we have that sweet trailer for Ace Combat 7! But I digress, I'd made a massive video for uploading to YouTube, but nope, seems like there is something that is hindering the sound quality in my flat. So, yeah, anyway, here's a list of some of the books I'm looking forwards to reading this year:
The Eisenhorn Trilogy by Dan Abnett
The Ahriman Trilogy by John French
The Seafort Saga by David Feintuch
The Honorverse by David Weber
And of course, finish us the Ultramarines Series by Graham McNeil

However, I get the feeling that I might be reading a bunch of short stories this year. So many good compilations of horror tales available. But yeah, I'll try to get some more videos up and some more posts on here through the year.

Qalort Signing Off

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Crazy Internet Story

The Dinosaurs are gonna take us over!

Seriously, I read this on a website on the deep web. No I don't remember the name of the site and I don't suggest snooping around the deep web for it. This was back in 2004 when you could access the deep web without tor onion. (technically you still can, but only select sites). So yeah, I stumbled upon this one site that was talking about UFOs and Dinosaurs. There was talk about the descendants of dinos controlling UFOs (Reptilians I guess) I forget what else the site talked about, but yeah, dinos are gonna take us over with UFOs. The deep web is a strange place, with a lot of funny stuff, if you go to the right sites. There is a lot of bad stuff on the deep web, so I suggest stick to the normal internet, there is plenty of stupid stuff out there.

Oh yeah, one last thing, I'm gonna start doing a total book review/look at the Ultramarines novels. For Ultarmar!

Friday, November 27, 2015

My Top Six Science Fiction Novels

Growing up, I read a lot, however most of what I read was history books, but I did engage in the occasioal novel, which were mostly Star Wars ones. But that all changed in 9th Grade when I read House Atreides by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson (who wrote most of the Star Wars books I read). After that I got into the Halo books and from there I kind of started to open up my horizons of sci fi literature but not by much. I've been known to favour reading established and well-known series over individual novels, but I'm working to change that. As for my favourite Sci-Fi novels, that's a tough one, it's easier for me to name my top six sci-fi series but yeah books, hmm.

Dune: this book was the first non-Star Wars or Star Trek sci-fi book I ever read and well, I love the Dune Universe. This was the novel that really got me into fiction, and I was notorious for loving it along with the Halo books in high school.

Starship Troopers: As I entered college I started reading more and more books and one of the first books I bought in college was Starship Troopers. I love this novel, it defined how I approach Sci Fi, and probably was the major driving force (and Halo) that would get me into Mass Effect, Warhammer 40k, and the Honorverse. This is one of the few non-series sci fi books I've read. It is a great novel by Heinlein and it really shows just how pathetic the movie adaptation really is.

Vampire Hunter D: I cannot stop talking about how much I love this book and the whole series. It's more of a novella than a novel, being only 160ish pages long but it is an epic quest of sci-fi fantasy glory. I love how the entire series is post-dystopia, where Vampires are slowly loosing their hold over humanity, but with their knowledge and combination of both magic and physics, the Vampires aren't going down without a fight.

Speaker For the Dead: The second book in the Ender Series and the only other book aside from the first one that I finished, I'll save my more than negative thoughts on Xenocide, this is a good novel. I love how Card sets up the colony, fleshes out the characters and goes about describing their day-to-day interactions and activities.

Nightbringer: So I really, really needed a space opera, and one of my friends recommended G. MacNeil's book Nightbringer. Set in the Dystopian 41st Millenium of 40k, Nightbringer is anything but dystopian. The characters are well written the plot is engaging and it is an epic space adventure. It is one of six books in the series, not counting the Iron Warriors spin off books and the other Ultramarines novels. So if you like Space Knights, space battles and mysterious, ancient artefacts, then Nightbringer a great read.

Challenger's Hope: I haven't read this book in ages or even thought about it, but well, yeah I liked it. Don't know how well it would hold up now, but still I enjoyed it back in 10th Grade. It's the second in a series, where there is some kind of space civil war going on, and the captain of a starship is facing a mutiny so he has to press-gang the civilian colonists he's transporting into the militia to fight off the mutineers. Overall it was enjoyable and a good piece of life on a starship.

Honourable Mentions
These ones were good but just didn't make the cut.

Republic Commando Hard Contact, a Star Wars novel in the gritty and ever great Republic Commando series, it follows Omega Squadron in their attempt to liberate a world from the CIS. My favourite line was the one about the lizard people on the world cook their dead. The reason it didn't make the list is since the series as a whole is amazing, The trials and journeys the clones face happens over all five books, making it a great series rather than individual novel.

Siege of Castellex: Ever wanted to read a novel about the bad guys and watch them succeed? Well that is what Siege of Castellex is about. Following the Iron Warriors Traitor Legion as they fight off an Ork invasion of their world, it follows the Third Grand Company and all the back-stabbing and ambition that Chaos is known for. C. L. Werner's characters are despicable, irredeemable villains that are written in a way that you just want to keep on reading.  I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and all the vileness it brought with it.

Anyway that's my list of the top six and two bonus sci fi novels that I truly love. Hopefully there will be more to add this time next year, since I've got On Basilisk Station, Foundation, Hyperion, and the rest of the Ultramarines Series to read.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Upcoming Games

The new year has me looking forward to a few games. While everyone might have their eyes on more popular titles, I picked out a few that might have flow under the radar.

Lost Ark

A Korean MMO that gives Diablo 3 a run for its money. Really nice graphics, awesome classes to choose from, and a skill system that looks quite fun to experiment with. Already a good line-up of classes and stuff to do, but made even better knowing that there's more coming. Not to mention the minigames and all the other things you can do(like fish). The only downside to this whole thing is Korean MMOs are notorious for their grinding, but that comes hand-in-hand with MMOs, I guess.

Black Desert

The thing I find the most fascinating about Black Desert is its character customization. It puts every other character customization I've seen to shame(Sims, Mass Effect, etc). That plus the graphics and gameplay make this Korean MMO one to watch.

Act of Aggression

Made by Eugen Systems and Focus Home Interactive, this upcoming RTS looks like the best RTS to come around for traditional RTS games in a long time. Both Eugen and Focus have tried-and-true experience with games like Act of War and recently released Wargame: Red Dragon. If anything, it seems to blend the two games into a hybrid form of awesome.


While not much is seen of this one, I have high hopes for it. It is also made by Focus Home Interactive, which seems to be doing really well lately.

Grey Goo

Petroglyph comes around for another try at the RTS genre. With the staff who made Dune and Command and Conquer, I have high expectations for what looks to be a promisingly fun game.

Special Mentions:
Ghost in the Shell Online

Nexon trying at my nerves by creating a FPS for Ghost in the Shell. While it might look decent, its clearly just a shooter with the characters of GitS thrown in. While I don't expect much, I will probably still check it out.


Closers just fulfills my need of anime-esque side-scrolling. It doesn't really stand out in any aspect. In fact, it is probably subpar compared to the other Korean MMOs out there. But I just decided to throw it in anyway.

Everyone else out there can look forward to other games like Starcraft 2's expansion to come out later in 2015. Personally, I want to watch CoD's Exo Zombies just for fun. There's also Tom Clancy's The Division, which will no doubt be awesome.