Thursday, February 5, 2009

File Organizer #1

Mostly for myself, but those reading, I explained a little about each file, so its not completely useless.

File #80024210 - Research and Analysis on the Extent and Effects of Poverty on the Modern American Society.
Well, it was quite obviously from the get-go that I was watching Genshiken at the time. But other than that, this was one of "economy" papers I wrote for English 101. I wrote several papers for the topic of "economy" because I was not satisfied with many of them. This one, as it turns out, is one of them, as its just full of holes, logic jumps, convenient statistics, and a bunch of stuff I thought was rather poorly thought out. In the end, this was not the one I chose to present.

File #90029210 - Achieving Your Dreams
This file actually came out of a paper that had "significant moment in your life" as a topic. I could not just pick out one event, so I just spanned a few years instead. But as I went through writing it, it became something completely different so I didn't turn it in anyway. I later used bits and pieces of this paper for another writing with the topic of "childhood dreams/future aspirations" where it was much more appropriate.

File #90020310 - I Did It, and Here's How!
This file came from another "economy" paper, although much of the original paper has been cut out for space(and there was a lot of statistics I didn't want people to stare at and gouge their eyes out). The original paper focused mainly on how hard it is for people to save money in today's society and some ways to turn that around. I believe it was the best paper I had written thus far, and so it was the economy paper that I chose to submit to class.

File #90022020 - Hero
This one was part of the "hero" paper that everyone writes at least once in one of their English classes. I chose to write about heroes in general instead. The piece that I actually posted was from my first draft, which I honestly felt was too personal and rewrote it. The final paper was pretty long because I went into detail talking about comic book heroes, real heroes, and other heroes that one could possibly encounter(did not mention Heroes). This was the one topic that I did not write multiple papers for, simply because I rewrote the first and second draft.

File #90023020 - Home
The topic for this paper was "a special place", and I figured for most people, that would be their home. Most of the paper was actually about different homes lead to different people, both mentally and physically. So more than a paper on a special place, this paper turned out to be more of an analytical paper on homes. The paper itself was devoid of my personal history and such, as I tried to remain as impersonal as possible. But at the end of the week, I figured the paper had diverged too far from its topic and started another one on what is probably my special place, Hawaii. And that rant there, was definitely not there in the paper, that would have been horrible. Heh.

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