Friday, April 10, 2009

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I'm busy with papers, projects, tests, and work. I have a few posts planned for after I'm done, but for now I suggest you anime fans go watch Higashi no Eden. Roughly translated to Eden of the East, I think it was a real good watch. It has the same director as Ghost in the Shell(Kenji Kamiyama), the music producer from Fate Stay Night(Kenji Kawai, all these Kenjis!), and the art from Honey and Clover.
The voice actors are relatively new, but that not a minus. Anyway, I'm not going to say too much yet, as I'm planning a more detailed post for Xana Net.
So instead, here's the OP and ED!
Falling Down! - Oasis(Oasis? Hey, sweet. This is their first anime collaboration.)

Futuristic Imagination - School Food Punishment(what a funny joke! lol)

Those just blew me away, I daresay this will be the best show this season.
Kai out!


  1. The vids look cool but what is this anime about?!? *is intrigued*

    I wants to know moooore!!

  2. Ah, this is your new favourite anime.

    But these are awesome videos, Kai! Beginning and ending themes, hmm..
    This show looks very interesting - I absolutely love the first video. I think I'll actually try this anime, been looking for something new to try anyway...^^

    I think I'll also have to check out your other site to see what you have to say about the anime. Should be interesting. ^^

  3. And good luck with those papers, projects, and tests!