Sunday, July 19, 2009

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Nothing to report...

Work, work, work, and guess what? Work! Oh, I almost forget, there was also work. And after that, a little more work. With some work on the side. And to top it all off, a heaping giant pile of, you guess it, work.
In other news, the new anime season is kicking into gear. Spent any time I was able to not work watching Bakemonogatari and the other not-as-memorable shows. I remember saying Eden of the East was last season's best show, Bakemonogatari(or Ghost Story) is this season's. Go ahead, look for yourself. And also, beware of staplers, its a sign. (Side note: getting stapled in the hand kind of hurts, just an FYI. Don't try it at home kids.)
Second Opening

Oh right, the first opening, with no staplers in sight.

Anyone else notice this stapler fad lately?

But still my favorite song from K-On! is...

And I just wasted all my material for the XanaNet's next post, sigh. lol

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  1. hello cuz! i have been busy with work too! just got back from a week long trip and now i turn around and leave again tonight! X__X

    i have some anime to keep me busy though - 2 months of Shonen Jump and i downloaded (from itunes) the first ep of Honey and Clover. Should be fun!