Saturday, October 31, 2009

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In Memory of Bill

We'll miss you, Bill, we'll all miss you. For your exemplary zombie killing services, excellent field medic record, and for always getting to the chopper. You might not have been as godly-awesome as Chicago Ted, but you're damn close. And we wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. We salute you, Bill. Rest in Peace.

That said, L4D2 Demo was officially released after days of delays. I've moved on from office boy Louis to Coach the big guy. The demo is quite fun, albeit short. I thought L4D2 actually wouldn't live up to the hype, but it can prove me wrong as much as it wants. Looks like I'll be playing L4D2 and Modern Warfare 2 all holiday season(unless I feel like joining in on Borderlands).
In other news, I just upgraded to Windows 7. I like it, it's great. The installation was quick and easy, and the GUI appeals to me. If I didn't know any better, I would say Vista was just a beta for 7. Nonetheless, I wholeheartedly approve of Windows 7(as if it really needed my approval).
Moving on, I don't remember talking about how disappointing this fall anime season is. I expected Railgun to be mind-shatteringly awesome, it isn't. I don't see why people like shows like Nyan Koi. I find myself watching shows that continued from the previous season, like Brotherhood, which is really great. But I cannot say I completely dislike this season, solely because of Seitokai no Ichizon. That show floors me everytime I watch it, everytime. (And if you think I'm even going to mention Kampfer or that Inuyasha ending thing, off with you.)
Also, I just watched the Detective Conan movie: The Raven Chaser. It was a nicely spent 2 hours, I think Detective Conan is my only favorite long-run show besides FMA and Monster. And if you haven't seen either of those, what are you doing? Go now.
And speaking of shows, I've been getting into American shows a lot again. Watching South Park again, and catching up on American Dad. Friends loaded me with recommendations like Dexters, Burn Notice(Don't know why I never watched it before), Fringe, and even Weeds(I think that's what it was called). Alongside those are other shows like Supernatural, which are all surprisingly good. Either my standards have fallen, or American shows have stepped up their game. I'm fine with either.
Last, what happened to everyone? Save a select few, it seems everyone else died two months ago or something. I expected to have to catch up on months' worth of blog posts, but left with just a few to read. Oh well. Fair game, I suppose. It's not like I've been writing the most fascinating posts myself.
Well that's it for now, Kai out!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

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What? What? What?
Update? No. Way.

Fall asleep at desk.
That's the routine, life is great.

In other news, october anime season has started. And Q4 gaming season is about to roll as well. Gaming +1, Anime +1, Time I have left -2. I think I need to officially switch to the 30 hour day.
You know what? I had much more to say, but I forgot all of it. Short attention span = FAIL. OTL.

and a friend keeps sending me these as if I'm interested... Okay, I'm slightly interested.