Thursday, December 24, 2009

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Go home to your families! Eat cake and enjoy that snowstorm!

I haven't updated in a long time, now that I'm on a very short vacation I think I'll spare a little time. Been busy, holiday season does that. I found it funny that I'm busier during vacation than during regular work times.
Anyway, I've been playing a lot of games during my vacation, a little new ones, but mostly old ones. Modern Warfare 2, still plenty fun. I still find it rather to believe that I enjoy it so much even though I'm so noob at it. Went back to Dead Space for some unknown reason. I thought it wouldn't be scary the third time, I'm glad it isn't. It's not exactly replay value, but I think it stays creepy every time I play. And that's awesome. There is a little time for Team Fortress 2, but I don't think I played enough to actually talk about it. Fun though, damn you spy!
But now for what I've been playing the most, Command and Conquer 4 Beta! It's still in beta, but its more fun than I expected. I totally expected the game to flop, especially since EALA is getting all fired. But the beta was fast-paced and fun. Challenging, but the learning curve isn't steep like the other C&C games. If I had to say so, so far it looks like World in Conflict, Empire at War, Company of Heroes, Dawn of War, games like that. I prefer the old base-building RTS that C&C was known for, but I think with a little tweaking this game could be real good. And, everyone knows how much of a C&C fan I am, more specifically, a GDI fan.

Return of my favorite bald guy!

Besides that, I've been playing a lot of console games, like ODST, BlazBlue, SF4, and such and so on. I think my 360 is a little happier now that I'm paying it some attention.

In the world of TV, I've been watching a lot more American shows because the anime season's slump lately. Mainly watching Fringe and Lie to Me, both amazing shows. Fringe is all about the fringe science, it gives that nice WTF feel that people get when they first watched Lost. And Lie to Me is all about reading people, and we all know life is about reading people. lol
Also, I think its funny that every time a natural disaster comes around, view ratings jump for the Weather Channel. I for one, can say I watch the Weather Channel all the time, not just during the peak seasons. lol

Talking about anime, I really don't see a lot of good shows coming out in January. I'll probably pick a few for laughs, and that's about it. The best show this season, Seitokai no Ichizon, is finished, leaving me with nothing to wait for each week. Railgun has just past the first arc, and I somewhat enjoy watching it. Unfortunately, having read the manga ahead, it feels like I'm watching a recap or something.

Most of all, I want to see the East of Eden movie, King of Eden. It looks so exciting! And it has Takizawa! That's all I need. Wait... something's not right...

I've also been reading a lot of manga, tons of it. It's like I've been catching up on months of not reading any. If I had to buy all the manga I've been reading, I'm certain I'd be broke.

Last and least, update on my personal stuff. Atlanta isn't as cold as last year. I remember when I came in December last year it was nice and cold. Now its just kinda of cool. I like how the sky turns grey in the winter here, like it did last winter. But the sun seems to appear every morning more this time around. So it's not so great. And it hasn't snowed, but I hope it does. I also hope I can find an ice scraper so I don't have to dig my car out with a quarter or my bare hands.
Traffic, is well... something I'll never get used to. Seriously, I was born on Hawaii, no traffic there. It's like I was raised to not like traffic or something. On another note, are there people who enjoy traffic? Odd question worth finding an answer to. I like to drive, especially at night when there's nobody else and I can just relax. Night driving ftw.
It's also Christmas, the time I let go of a lot of money to buy presents for family and friends. Unfortunately the family part is a little one-sided, but I got a lot of things from my buddies across the country. I have to say though, everyone uses the USPS flat rate shipping boxes. Those are really popular it seems. Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year!
And also a nice vacation too! My vacation is somewhat short because I got called back to work because someone decided to "crash their car"... I really believe that... yeah right. Oh well, more money for me.
And speaking of new year, I have no idea if things are going to be different next year. I have a feeling though, things are going to change greatly. I wouldn't be surprised if I move again. I'm getting a little tired of this town, time to pack up and move on.

Now to melt your brains with complete WTF randomness.

LOL Danny.

Laser Eyes!