Sunday, January 31, 2010

File #01021310

Busy busy!

I sure have been busy lately, haven't even had time to do those weekly anime reviews that I said I would do. Oops.
You know what? I could use a vacation, I haven't had a day to myself for weeks. School, work, other work, homework, research, staring into the sky, too much. Haven't even had time to game! Game! Seriously, when Kai stops gaming, you know something's up. It'll only be a matter of time before anime and internet surfing get thrown out the window. Okay, maybe not internet surfing, not as long as I have an office with an internet connection.
Speaking of my office, man, I hate interns. I remember when I used to be one, now I got to babysit them. I don't blame them for being idiots, I was one of them before. I just hope I don't chosen to chaperon the group of interns that go on the Europe business trip, that would be horrible.

Moving on, anime. Anyone still watching? No? I thought so. A survey somewhere proved that most anime fans are now expecting this year to be a disappointment. Ouch. Where's all my good shows go?

Oh, good shows for me are on actual television now. Burn Notice! Fringe! Lie to Me! Supernatural? Wait, okay, yeah, that last one too. Anyway, yes, Burn Notice, good. Fringe, science! Lie to Me, science! Supernatural, no science! Yay! Okay done.

Next up, uhhh... oh, maybe not. That's it! Later!


  1. Bad, promised anime reviews. -_- lol

    It's okay. I'd rather you wrote them when you really had time and motivation, rather than writing up something rushed and unsatisfactory. So it's probably better this way. ^^ We'll get good reviews in the end..

    And yay, you get to babysit interns. What are they, high school students or something? O.o But it's amazing, eh, you're now in your last year at university and you have such an amazing job where you get to boss around interns, have really good pay, travel for your work, and...don't have time to do much else. Lucky, is all I have to say. ^^

    As for Supernatural...Do you really watch that?

  2. You'll get your reviews sooner or later. lol
    The interns are mostly college students, but i swear, they act like idiots. What can I say...
    But yeah, its a job with both its perks and its...negatives.
    Yes, I watch Supernatural. When there's not Burn Notice, Fringe, or Lie to Me to watch.