Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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Start the New Year Off Right! Or not.

Just a quick update of sorts, I'm sitting at my lunch break staring out the window at quite a lovely day outside. I'll be busy this year, last year before graduating, working, and trying some new things.
To start things off with a blast, here's one hilarious new year tale. A new year firecracker flew away and set my neighbor's lawn on fire. It was warm. My friends are no longer allowed to light firecrackers around my house.
It also snowed a few days ago, but it was more like a light flurry. The ice stayed on the roads for a few days though, one of my classes actually got cancelled. That was nice. Last time it snowed, I dug my car out with a quarter. This time, I used an old credit card. Talk about upgrades.
That's all I'll talk about my life, now to more awesome stuff.
The January anime season is not awesome. The only show I have interest in is Dullalala!(or is it Durarara?). The other shows are the typical shows, slightly comedic, but overall, lame. Oh wait, there's Vampire Bund, but I'll wait to cast verdict on that one.

Backwards subs. lol

Gaming season looks also rather lame. Some of my friends are excited for some games, but not me. There's games like Global Agenda and Mass Effect 2, but nothing to go crazy over. I think the only game-related in my agenda is getting a nice, giant flat-screen HDTV in my bedroom. And upgrading my poorly-outdated computer. Did anyone else take advantage of Newegg's crazy Christmas deals? Epic discounts.

After watching Gametrailers for five minutes, I stand corrected. This is a good year for gaming. I completely forgot about the US release of Final Fantasy 13, Halo: Reach, and other hilarious games like God of War 2. If I remember correctly now, Starcraft 2 and Command & Conquer 4 are also coming out this year. Awesome.

Well, time to get back to work, over and out!


  1. I really like that second song, "Robot Honey" in your playlist. And lol@that banner! Neat, lol

    Funny snow stories, though. :P lol!

  2. I found that song randomly surfing youtube or something, its a catchy tune!
    I like the banner too, I see that bridge almost everyday. I liked it so much, I decided to show it. lol
    Two days of snow, one last year and one this year. Two days have given me so many snow stories. I don't know how many stories I'd get if it snowed more! lol

  3. There are 6 lanes on that highway (I'm assuming that's what it is?). We don't have that sort of craziness here! WOW! It must be a crowded place or something. But it really is neat, bridge, lanes and all...so many destinations. ^^

    And I also have to say, "Lucy's" by Mindi Abair on your playlist - AWESOME find! Mindi Abair, her show on Wave 94.7 (a station we get here) at 10 pm on Sundays and Fridays is The Best.

  4. Yup, there are definitely six lanes on that highway. That particular stretch of highway right there happens to be right after when two highways merge into one. It leads right into downtown and needs every single lane. Believe it or not, during peak times, the entire highway is packed.
    If you can see it or not, in the background there, the tallest building is the Coca-Cola Headquarters. The bridge also happens to be one of the many train stations for the city's metropolitan mass transit. Some of my friends use it, they say its huge in there.

    And I love Mindi Abair's music. I used to listen to her music on a jazz station back in Tampa all the time, but I never found a jazz station here in Atlanta.