Sunday, January 17, 2010

File #01027110

Urge to Get Up and Get the F*** Out
Originally known as Urge to Travel.

I've been having the urge to just travel a lot recently. I think it spiked now because I usually go home to family during Christmas Break, but I didn't go this year because I had to take care of my house. My roommates, good little girls and boys I live peacefully with in this house, I call "family". We've been through a lot together, a flood, rainstorms, snowstorms(one day), and more. Good times and bad. So now it feels like I have to take care of them, not only because they're good to me, but because they pay me rent. lol
Now they call me "Little Bro" or "Lt. Bro", because I look after them so much. And not because of you know, Mr. Chad Bro Chill Gamer Guy. For the past year, I've waved them goodbye on their way out the door, and welcomed them back in from the cold. As a landlord, I kind of feel like it's my duty to do that or something. It's a odd feeling, sometimes its hard to get people to understand.
Regardless, I feel like traveling. Unfortunately, work will keep me from going anywhere far for quite some time. But I want to take some time in the nearby future, maybe this year, to explore Atlanta a bit. I never really went around town here, so I believe I should do so. Before I begin though, I want to get a camera so I can document it. You know, maybe even make a youtube video or two. It is kind of something I've been wanting to do. You see a lot of people recording cities like Tokyo, but why not the everyday cities we live in? Certainly every city has something interesting, right? I guess I'll have to find out.
So look forward to that in the future I guess, once I get a camera or something.

In other news, as part of my New Year's Resolution "Get off my A** and do something", I'm going to start working on my other site again. First, going to review anime every week. I realized recently that I have watched a lot of anime, a lot. Many people ask me about them too. Let's put two and two together and what do we get? I should do anime reviews.
Next is my literature hobby, for those of you following along, you know I haven't worked on it since before Thanksgiving last year. It's time to thaw that Writer's Ice Block. Now I just need to find a better place to put the stuff online so people can actually read it. Suggestions welcome.
Finally, socialize more! I've been noticing more and more that I have been becoming reclusive. Avoiding people, not answering phone calls, not talking, stuff like that. I don't want to be a person with that trendy social psychological disease(lol thank you Hayate the Combat Butler for that one).
Now if I can do all that while going to class, working, and taking care of the house, I think I could feel like a better person year-round.

One last interesting life story. I recently joined a clan for my Modern Warfare 2 gaming recently, something I've never done in my entire lifespan. I've just never seen the point of why people do that, but decided to now because I simply could not find a reason not to. It isn't even like the other clans that are serious and stuff. Our "clan" is more like a group of friends who just play together and stuff retarded stuff. Ver big difference. So I joined in. And what's the first thing people say to me?
"You're joining a clan? WTF is hell freezing over?"
"Clan tags? Am I dreaming?"
"Has my little Kai finally grown up and joined society?"
"It's a sign of the Apocalypse, run for the hills!"
"Hey Chad bro chill!"
Thanks guys. Thanks a lot.

That's it for me, I'm going to watch more Lie to Me.

People who haven't watched it, should.

Can you tell I'm homesick. When I first moved to Kauai, I lived right next to that. I went to it very, very often. Sigh.

I'll probably choose to do first impression on this one first.


  1. Amazing Kauai videos! o_o

    And hey good luck planning for that vacation - whenever the time is right for one, that is. I REALLY like the taking-pictures-of-my-own-city idea. You never know what you might find out there; things people overlook but are actually really weird, for instance...lots of that here in Toronto.

    lol@"trendy social psychological disease" Lovely way to put it.

    And I'm looking forward to your 'anime reviews' - objective + subjective opinions/criticism and everything in between...exactly what I need to figure out what I should watch next.

    Good luck with the camera hunting! ^^

  2. Isn't it amazing? I can't believe how much it hasn't changed over the years.
    I'm quite certain this city is hiding some awesome sights from me, like a parking garage so huge it has street names. lol

    It's a trendy disease, that's all I can say about it. lol

    I'm trying to set a schedule for the anime reviews, I think every Thursday works best. And need help figuring out what to watch? You're not alone. XD

    As for camera hunting, oh boy. As a total noob, I got to figure which camera I want. Have to browse some forums and ask some people.