Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Photography Update

First off, thanks everyone for the help. Arsuru especially. Big help.

With everyone's help, I narrowed down my choices. Either a Pentax K-x or a Nikon D5000. Both around 600$. I think I'll save money until my birthday in March and treat myself to it when the day comes. Yay!

Moving on, quick update today. Not much else to say. I've been surfing youtube and finding the time lapse vids mixed with the "miniature city" effect caused by tilt-shift lenses. Wow, it's kind of hard to imagine that effect just coming a different kind of lens. Also, those said vids made me a fan of VividBlaze's music. lol

Seriously, how awesome is that? Makes me want to play Simcity... Oops, I mean Cities XL. But wait, music isn't even existent in Cities XL. Lame.


  1. Sweet, you've decided which camera to get! ^^ It sure is expensive, eh...>_>

  2. It is. Actually, compared to the higher end ones, not really. But expensive still. lol