Thursday, February 11, 2010

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Livin' in a Box!
A Short Thought

I really got nothing for you bored people to read today(I know the demographics of my readers, only bored people would come here, much less spend the time to find it). First off:

I heard this song a while back, a few days ago, got me thinking. How ordinary is my life? Is what I do everyday the usual routine for millions of other people around the world? Is what I do in class, work, and at home what everyone else does? Is is rant kind of Haruhi-esque? Will there be a tomorrow? Will it be special?
Wait wait, started to wander from the beaten path there. Anyway, I've been thinking of how cookie cutter my life has been lately. I believe that a few years back, I was truly unique, that I did things that were awesome and unique. Lately, not so much so. I don't see it changing in the near future either. Oh well.
Something to think about I suppose.

That aside, no anime review this week. I was too busy to write up something, and I couldn't decide what to review, so nothing for you. Suggestions welcome.
Well, to leave on a positive note:

Don't watch this last one unless you have over an hour to spare:

g'nite folks! See you in Chicago! (Not really)

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  1. Not bored!

    And maybe you're right, maybe most lives are predictable in terms of what we do with ourselves every day, not much changes unless we work hard to make it that way. Maybe, maybe...Oh well, it's late, and that song is neat, and good night.