Monday, February 15, 2010

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Snow, Terrorists, and Chocolate Sales

So it snowed recently here in the big ATL. Snowed all day Friday, melted by Saturday. Nonetheless, it was nice to see. It only froze roads, caused accidents, and shut down schools and businesses, no biggie. Every one of my neighbors it was a good time for them to finally show their faces out of their houses and build snowmen. Seriously, this is the first time I've seen so many of my neighbors outside at one time. It is still relatively cool outside, but I think that here in ATL, snow signals the last of winter and the coming of spring. I expect the weather will begin to warm up soon.

In other news, I've been playing the hell out of Modern Warfare 2 when I'm not at school or work. I swear, this game is just something. I can play it for hours and not get bored, there's not even new content getting added. It's just all-around good. Awesome, these are the types of games that I feel money was worth spending.

You know what? That reminds me of World in Conflict a while back...

Moving back to life, it was Valentine's Day this past Sunday. Call it what you like, Single's Awareness Day was it? But I have finally decided to call it something else. Chocolate Sale Day! Because when it comes down to it, its all about the chocolate and the selling of chocolate. I had so many chocolates, it was fattening. Besides that though, I was dragged around all day by friends I hardly remember their names, for reasons I can't remember either. My memory needs some more disk space. RAM would be nice too, throw in a good processor while you're at it.

Another thing I want to cover in this little update. Denpa Teki Na Kanojo. This anime OVA series, currently with two episodes, is just completely awesome, in a bad way. Everyone in this show is insane, all of them, ALL OF THEM. This show makes Higurashi look like a children's show, it's that awesome(or bad). The animation is solid and the characters are well thought out, the plot is on top of things like superbly. It gives you enough to know what's coming, but you're too busy trying to keep up with what's currently happening. Another thing to keep in mind, the weak at heart need not apply. Also, I'm not reviewing this one, at least not until its over.

And last of all, HoiHoi-san!

The boots that go squeak!


  1. Ha ha ha! This is really funny: I call Valentine's Day Chocolate Sale Day too! I raced to our store as soon as it opened yesterday and bought all the chocolates I could find! It was Family Day, so technically every other place was closed (schools, banks, everything). And then I couldn't remember my pin and couldn't pay by debit. -_-

    Nevertheless, I gots CHOCOLATE!!!! Can't eat it, but I still likes it. So there.

    And not you too! MWF2....My brother's been playing it non-stop. The sounds of the guns can be heard through the computer room walls; it's disturbing. -_- I wonder what's so special about it or why it makes you guys so happy! lol

    And the end of the world is probably near - the really cold places, like say, Canada are getting no snow, or snow that's not even worth noticing, but the U.S. is getting everything! Yippee!

  2. I didn't even know Family Day existed until you mentioned it. And it certainly is Chocolate Day, I know no other day that chocolate goes on sale. and lol about your pin, that happened to me a long time ago when I really needed some gas in my car and had no cash on me.

    I don't really know why it makes me so happy either, the idea of war in reality is actually quite scary, but it game form, its surprisingly addicting. Personally, I find it as an interesting story, it plays kind of like an action movie experience. And the multiplayer is... well, fun!

    As for all this crazy weather, I need to move to FL again. Forget going northward, I would never survive in northern cold. I'll stick to my sandy beaches and hurricanes.

  3. Oh, the post-Christmas/Boxing Day sale is also a good time to get loads of chocolate on nearly 50 to 75% off. They're so desperate to clear out the Christmas stuff usually. ^^ I'm not sure about the Easter holiday chocolate, though...But we'll see, it's coming up too!

    And I guess that makes sense; maybe your gaming is like being a part of a really cool action movie. Hmmm, that WOULD be fun. o_o

    And yes, please move to FL and take loads of pictures from your new camera! (you will probably have bought it by then :P ) We need to see more of sandy beaches and hurricanes, only because that's so 'wow' and different here. Unless of course you live on the coasts...

    Have fun teaching your interns! :P

  4. I forgot about the post-Christmas sales, and I just remembered that chocolates go on sale also around Halloween time, but that's a sale for all candy in general. Does chocolate count as a candy?

    I really do hope I get a camera soon. Even here in ATL there are so many places I want to visit. But of course, FL pictures would be so much better lol.