Friday, February 19, 2010

File #01029120

Sorry, nothing today guys.

My bad! I'm in crunch time here, both at school and at work. Midterms coming soon, so I have to study and prepare the study guides/reviews/tests for my class of nooblings. Department head wants their educational report half-way half-ass thingy write-up thing. Busy busy.
At work, its time to get the taxes done and the paperwork straight. If anyone remembers me talking about that one guy who lazes around in the file cabinet room, yeah, he's REAL busy now. Doing the extra work plus managing the interns daily bombardment of questions and things, not bad, but not exactly great either. The big suits are also deciding who gets sent to Europe on their international internship exchange thing, I kind of want to go. But not really, that would mean managing interns overseas, that's a disaster waiting to happen. I'll stay safe in my own office, thanks.

Business aside, I really don't have anything else. Next week I'll have a review of Honey and Clover up on the sister site, look forward to that I guess. It took me a while to decide what to review, but I figured I would just play it by ear.

That's a wrap guys, now if you'll excuse me, I need some lunch.

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  1. That is one crazy 'burger' >_>

    Good luck with work, school...crunch time. ^^ And hey, maybe if you get picked to go overseas, you could get a bit of a holiday too. A change of scenery might do wonders. ^^