Monday, March 22, 2010

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The Start of Another Year

For those of you who didn't know(because I didn't say anything about it), 3/20 was my birthday. I spent most of it at work. I was stuck in a conference with people who didn't care, so I really didn't care either. It still ticked me off a little though that I was still ignoring my self-need of taking a break. When I got home though, my friends threw me a tiny party. That was great, it made a bad day much better. The next day, I got a call from family showing they still care even through our differences. A day late, but I don't care. And today, my classmates threw me a party too. Happiness seems to lag in bad times, but at least it made it.
Regardless though, I need to work on myself. I started to ignore my own needs in high school, which led to devastation. Thanks to that, I developed constant migraines, depression, an inferiority-complex, and ulcers. I think I can't go down that road again. Someone along the way helped me out, I wish I remembered who.
Daily life is getting to me, much like years ago. School piled on work, piled on work, piled on family drama, piled on trying to keep life straight, pile on trying to keep a smile on my face. Not working out so well. At work, the interns have finally settled in and are actually becoming less of a problem. But all of a sudden, I get introduced to my boss's boss. A straight-up, nose-up-his, son of a.... interesting person. He comes in, decides how he doesn't like the way I've been doing things with the interns, then turns right around and brings all the crap back to the way it was. Now the interns are at it again trying to once again relearn what they took so long to learn, but this time I'm not blaming them. I've tried talking to him, and my boss. But the guy's got his head so far up his... and my boss says he can't do anything and just to deal with it.
Moving out of the office, my other job(that I never really talked about) is also getting out of hand. I started a side job of being a business consultant during my first year in college, mostly advising mom and pop stores. But since I've got to Atlanta, I've actually had a few small companies come to me. Now there's a handful of places I advise, which is way over my head. I truly think I need to hire someone to take my place.
At home, all my roommates are graduating in like two months and will be moving away. So I really need to sit down and think whether I want to stay in Atlanta or not. I want to move somewhere, preferably far. I always thought I wanted to travel to some place different, like to the north or something. But lately all I've been thinking about is going back to Florida. I need my ocean. After several years of living without it, I realized that  not seeing the ocean gives me a slight depression within months. I wonder if other people suffer from the same thing. It's interesting to say the least.
Either way, this summer will be the summer of changes.

I've totally done the "you too" thing. All too often.

Now to the less depressing stuff. I've recovered from being deathly sick, so I'll most likely be back on track with anime reviews. I already have three drafts lined up, so look forward to that I suppose. I've also been working on the literature again, maybe I'll post that somewhere too.
Anime-wise, this season is about as good as the last, meaning there's nothing to watch. Still on Vampire Bund,  Brotherhood, Durarara, Katanagatari, Baka Test, and Railgun. Bund is ok, Brotherhood just ramped up to awesome levels, Durarara is reaching its climax, Katanagatari is uniquely good as always, Baka Test remains hilarious, and Railgun finishes with a blast(pun intended). So far, I haven't seen anything I want to pick up. Maybe Working, but not much else. I think the month of April has a lot in store though.
In the world of gaming, I've totally been able to relieve a lot of my stress. So many fun games to play. Since I've kind of ramped down on Modern Warfare 2, I've been playing a lot of Killing Floor, Supreme Commander 2, Command & Conquer 4, and such. Such awesome times.

I really had a lot more to say, but once again, horrible memory fades them all. That's it then.
Until next time!

That's the type of awesome I wish to accomplish with a camera someday...


  1. Hmm, interesting theory about the living near the ocean. Seeing as I've never had that experience, except for two weeks in my life when we took a trip to U.A.E. So it must be very neat that it effects you that much.
    Which leads me to say: yes, you do need a break. I don't know you that well (or well at all), but all that work you've been talking about, and nonexistent 'fun' (define it; it's different for everyone! ^^ ) really seems like a bad way of living your life. It's like you always say right - life is short, so why not include something relaxing and de-stressing to make it easier? ^^

    Maybe you're thinking in the right direction already (whatever 'right' is...); maybe it's time to move away from your current city...Whatever you end up doing, though, I pray it's for the best; you deserve it.

    And now I'm done. :P

  2. Oh, and happy belated birthday!

  3. Thanks a lot! Really encouraging. I'm really looking forward to going back to Florida.