Thursday, March 25, 2010

File #01025230

11 Weeks

Until I'm the F out of this place. Let me count down the steps.
3 weeks until I take care of that speeding ticket. Screw you court date!
5 weeks until my work transfer is approved or not. If approved, FL is most likely guaranteed.
10 weeks until graduation. So long school! In your face!
11 weeks until I'm out of here! Peace! At last!

That aside, its still very much up in the air where I'll end up. Florida right now is the most preferable option, because I have tons of backup plans in said area. After spending a little over a year here in ATL, I kind of want to avoid big cities now. I'll probably still end up in a decent-sized city though.
Straying off topic, how is a big city separated from a mid-sized city? Is it like, oh this amount of population is the cutting point? Or it is land area? Good question, good question.
Back on track, Florida is most likely the way. If it goes according to the plan, I'll be moving pretty close to where I was before I left over a year ago.
The worst thing that could happen at this point is the work transfer being denied. In the case of that happening, I have to quit and start over again. But at this point, even that seems better than the current situation.
So I'm extremely excited about this, it's the largest step I've taken outside of my comfort zone in a long time. Also selling the house I called home for so long. The date is rather tentative thanks to the bank, but it should be sold before I leave. All my roommates are going our separate ways, to meet again someday in the future. We'll have a small party before we move out, to celebrate all our good times together in this house. Kind of saddening, but its just a step in the journey of our lives.
In the last weeks of living here, I'm also holding a garage sale to get rid of all the furniture and things. A lot of my stuff I'm actually giving to my roommates because they wanted them, but I'm going to leave with as little as possible. Everything I leave with, will be able to fit with me in the car. No moving company required. I'd have it no other way for a fresh start.
Things are coming to a close here. School is winding down, and work is becoming less stressful since I turned in the transfer notice. But as things here are nearing their end, things have only begun on the other side.
I decided to travel by car of course, a nice eight hour drive. Once there, I'll move likely stay at a friend' house until I find a nice apartment. If the transfer went through nicely, I won't have to worry about finding a job. Once I'm all settled down, its time to buy a camera and start enjoying life.
The camera I'm getting is the Pentax K-X, starting with the basics. 18x55 lenses, starting kit and so on. It's just about $600, but I should have enough by the time I settle into my new apartment hopefully.

All that aside, I've been watching "Life in the Hawaiian Islands" by Mala'e Productions. Wow, that makes me extremely homesick right there. Ouch. It's like I could feel myself there, how good the photography was, how good the music was.

I really want to know where this music came from, its so relaxing!

I do believe I pasted the last video on here before, its just so awesome. I really like the first song. But its the scenery that gets me. I was born in that city, and with every shot I feel like I can say "I know that spot". If I was given a map, I could point out where you would have to stand to take the shots, its a strange feeling. I'm happy about it, because it proves I'm a resident. But its also sad, because I miss it. Either way, I love it! Sigh.

I'm out, later! 11 weeks!


  1. Wow, so you're actually gonna leave now! Good for you! Nice you don't need a moving truck, those guys charge like crazy.
    And I agree, I feel like I've heard that music before, so badly want it in my collection now. It really is soothing, very nice.

  2. It took close to a thousand bucks for me to move my stuff here, now it'll take nothing. lol
    Its really awesome music. I yoinked it and can now play it on loop for myself. hehe.