Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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Life and emo things.

I'm gonna rant, a lot, randomly, throughout this entire post. That almost makes it worth skipping. Skippy. Mmm, peanut butter.
Anyway, I just watched the Summer Wars movie yesterday. It was awesome. So awesome, I'm pushing back my Clannad review on Thursday to review Summer Wars instead.

Moving on, its Spring Break time. Not going to class in morning feels so nice, but I still have to work. Regardless, having a few more hours to rest is definitely good.
I've been eating out a lot, and I mean a lot. If I was eating out one day a week before, now I think its like five days a week. My roomies are complaining because I don't cook that much anymore. Too bad!
Speaking of roomies, one of them has been having a hard time and hanging a depressing mood around here. I never liked how contagious it is and now its affecting me. I've had a lot to think about these past few days now that I have to rest.

One of things I got to think about is regrets. Well, its not so much regrets as it is wondering what was down the paths not taken. I used to like poetry by Frost you see. I used to have "Road Not Taken" on my wall, it's not there anymore. I find poetry funny now because it can be interpreted differently by what mood you're in. Getting back on the train track, I thought about the choices I made so far. Truly, not the best of choices. I wound up in a city I don't want to stay in, with a job that drives me insane. Actually, its not that bad, but I prefer where I was a few steps back. Times like these make me wish for Ctl + z, maybe even Ctl + s and Ctl + o. Considering most of life has been composed of getting ahead and leaving people behind, it no wonder I've alienated myself from society. Thanks for the internet, who exactly invented the damn thing? Double-edged sword.
A long time ago, I liked to tell myself there was only one road. I'm not sure why, but I guess it was because I liked to believe my path was right. Now I know, even though its right, its not the best. Regardless, here I am. Time to make the most of it.
Another thing I got to think about, and partially discuss with friends, is money. Everyone hates how life revolves around it. Everyone I talked to about it shared the same views. Life shouldn't revolve around money, yet here we are stuck to it. We're stuck to jobs that we don't particularly want to stay in, just because we need to pay the bills and keep food on the table. Life is like that I guess. On a side note, I just got approved for more grant and scholarship money at the most awkward of times. I'm one semester from graduating, Financial Aid Dept, thanks. But I'll keep the check, thanks.
The last thing(well, the last I feel like talking about), and not so depressing, its cities. I've recently come across the idea that each city had its own mood, personality, flavor, or whatever you want to call it. I know the difference between small town and big city, but can each city have its own unique atmosphere? I can kind of figure out what cities like Honolulu, Miami, and Los Angeles are like. But what about other cities like Chicago or Boston? What mood or atmosphere do they give besides frigid cold? When I think about it, some cities can be figured out like "Mile-high city" Denver. "Mile high club" lol. Where do you live? What flavor is it? And what about Atlanta, I can't figure this place out at all.

There's nice city photography in there.
As I recall, Atlanta got one too, but I'm definitely not posting that. Nope.
But look what Youtube surfing found me...

lol wtf. what bs, I'm a pure admirer and fan of DIA, stfu conspiracy theorists.

and lastly...

I love how sarcastic this video is. So hilarious. It feels so horrible that this made my day.

I remember that when I was a kid, the nearby hotel, the Regency Grand Hyatt, always put on a fireworks show on New Years and the Fourth of July. It was great to watch and I stayed up 'til midnight so I could see the fireworks go off. As a kid, it was really fantastic and awe-inspiring. It still is.

Its very easy to tell now that when I get depressed, I get homesick. And it sucks.
Anyway, I'm out. Later folks, don't forget to try out that fecal therapy!


  1. Hmm, Summer Wars, huh?

    I like how you talked about 'city moods'; very keen observation or impression of the world you live in. It's definitely something to think about.

    I also like how you talked about our obsession with money these days. And it was refreshing to see that regardless of this obsession and everything it entails (the stress, the worry, the fears) people still can stop and question themselves about what is it that really matters, if it's not money? It -would- be nice to pause for a moment and figure that out.

    Wasn't it you who once said (probably on this blog) that human beings are social beings? Or something...I find it interesting then that you say that you've left people behind and so on. Heh, maybe it's just a part of who you are, like you're personality, maybe it's because a part of you is scared or worried. And maybe you really don't care. And that's enough of the 'maybes', lol.

    As for eating out, that's kind of sad (at least I thought so). It's almost as if there's fewer people everyday who actually cook big meals at home. Fecal therapy aside, cooking might just be your kind of therapy; it's beautiful, it's natural, it's creative, and the thought of one being able to make something from scratch is just plain awesome.

    And those are my thoughts for the day, lol. Sorry.

  2. Summer Wars was a good movie, definitely worth watching.

    And I think its good to pause every now and then to remember what truly matters.

    I'm not certain if I said that, but I agree. Humans are social beings. At the same time, I lost a lot of friends along the way with all this constant moving. Thankfully the internet let me keep in touch with some of them now.

    And as much a fan I am of eating out, I have to agree with you again. When I was a kid, there was almost never a meal where the entire family sat down to eat together. That's why I learned to cook and eventually brought the tradition into my house of actually eating together. I think cooking really is my kind of therapy. Besides letting me focus on something that's not school or work, it has its own ways of putting me at ease. Its too bad I can't find more time in my days to cook.

  3. There's always writing too. You like to write, right? And just based on your reviews of anime and simple blog entries, I think you write pretty well. That always helps people feel better too.
    Perhaps, the key here is the need to feel creative or productive that helps people feel better. I wonder if you'll agree...

  4. I fully agree with you there. Its funny how I forgot I write stuff. I wholeheartedly enjoy doing it, perhaps not enough! I think the drive for creativity is a great distraction towards life's less desirable emotions.