Friday, April 23, 2010

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Driving Myself Crazy

I can't count! I don't know how many days or weeks are left! Truth be told, I can't do anything, I'm sick again. I think I caught a cold from someone. I can't think, everything's all fuzzy. My external hard drive died, I lost one terabyte of data. I had important stuff in there, work stuff, school stuff, personal stuff. All gone, fantastic. Recovering the data might take a while.
I answered so many calls now, when I get to FL, ill be booked with interviews for a week and a half, everyday with at least two interviews. Why did I do that? I hope they don't mind if I reschedule a few...
I feel so scatterbrained, I walked into everything today. Cars, poles, walls, doors, people, pets, stairs, elevators(realized I didn't need to go up in the first place), this is crazy. Its like falling asleep, and then waking up realizing you have no idea where you are or what you are doing, then realizing you better stop because you're about to something stupid, only you already did it. It's kind of like that. Yeah.
Explaining to Einstein Bros why I took the sandwich out of their hands and took a bite without paying for it first, that was fun. Anyway...

I'm too scatterbrained today, vid overblow time!

That's Korean btw.

That's it, I'm outta here before my brain asplodes.

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  1. "Brain asplodes"...Sheesh, you're a mess. x_x I'm sorry to hear you're sick - again, right? Stress does that to you, you know, weakens your immune system. After reading this post, I think you're right. You need a fresh start; you need to get out of there. Goodness..

    Hang in there, it's almost time now...