Tuesday, April 6, 2010

File #01026040

I forgot how many weeks there are left.
And wake up calls, interesting things.

So I think I have 6 weeks left. I can take a load off my mind now that I have a lawyer to take care of my speedy ticket case. My class sessions are 4 weeks away from ending, tutor classes finish before finals start. My work transfer has been, guess what? Denied. Okay, that's fine. I quit. Within a week of looking for a new job in FL, I've had three calls of wanting interviews. I'm not too bad for myself if I say so myself.
I've secured a temporary place to stay in FL while I look for an apartment, a new Regional HQ. I like to say regional HQs, because I let friends stay at them in case of emergencies. I want an apartment with a good view of the ocean, but that'll probably be out of my price range. In actuality, I just want a nice second story apartment to live in that has some shade(because that saves on AC bills), a little security(meaning not as much traffic and in a side road rather than a main avenue), the necessary amenities(good enough to live in), and close to work(in the same city). Not too much to ask for, right?
You can tell I'm just rearing to go, right?

Anyway, I've been waking up to some very odd or random things these days. Birds, Dogs, Car doors, Garbage truck, etc. It's kind of odd how noisy the morning actually is and I've never noticed until just recently. All my roommates are becoming lazy now that final projects are done and they're just waiting on finals. I have to go around and wake them all up and tell them to go to class or they'll sleep until 2 in the PM.
Moving on, I've been listening to KSSK radio again, that's the Honolulu radio station. It's odd to listen to a station thats five hours back or so. Also been watching Burn Notice all over again, that's always fun.
I've really been slacking on the anime reviews, I have drafts for a lot. Summer Wars, King of Eden, Clannad, a preview post for the first episode of Angel Beats. Angel Beats is awesome by the way, you should check it out.
Lastly, once I graduate, I'll post what my final project was. A full scale plan to solve America. I cannot post it until well after I graduate or else something will happen with plagiarism or something. That's what they told me, I dunno.

I forgot everything else, so see ya later!

Concerts and guns and stuff! Best of all worlds?


  1. I know what you mean about the waking-up to weird sounds. For me, it's usually either the traffic or the sunlight. Those blinds are worthless!

    Less than 4 weeks now, right? Packing yet? ^^

  2. Four weeks? FOUR WEEKS?!
    I wish, the end of May, that's more than four weeks. My blinds are absolutely useless, doesn't block any sunlight any way I turn them. I would invest in curtains if I wasn't leaving.

  3. Well, curtains for the new home then!
    And I see, the end of May...Hmm. Well, hang in there, haha! April will fly by before you know it!