Sunday, April 18, 2010

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Feeling rather odd/stressed.
Is this week five?

I can't keep track of the countdown, I think this is week five? Everyday is hot, everyday is the same. I can't believe I didn't notice before, but my days are routine, mundane, and boring. Wake up, run around a few miles, skip breakfast, class, teach class, eat(hopefully), go to work, wish I could kill some people, go home(and hour's worth of traffic), dinner, homework and other work, maybe play some games if there's time, chat with friends a little, then sleep at around midnight.
Its a rather bland schedule, not much fun in there. I used to enjoy something in this type of life, I can't see what that was now. Trying to survive five more weeks of this is torture, I just want to crawl under a rock and hide until the end of May. I'll be out of school around mid-May, so things might lighten up then. Then again, that's when all the house-mates are leaving, so I'll be alone except for one who insists on staying around because they don't want to go home.
School-wise, everything has surprisingly begun to accumulate into madness. One class figured that I should do papers even though I'm three weeks from graduating and finished my final projects. My teaching doesn't end, but I'm not all that particular on that. My awesome students are throwing me a graduation party on the last week. I actually got a job offer to work as a professor's assistant, but I turned it down because I want out of this town.
Work-related, everything's gone crazy. Since I haven't told them I'm quiting yet, they put me in charge of the incoming summer interns. The newbies just showed up last week and oh my god, I forgot how stupid they are. I forgot because I finished with the last interns which I'm now proud of. But I don't want to go through the typical "I know everything" attitude again. It's really annoying, and the women think they can just surf myspace and facebook all day. I really don't care about goofing off sometimes, but all the freakin' time? Seriously? Why are they even here? There are so many other interns that would kill to work here, and we get the ones who don't give a damn. Wow, nice going HR, you're interviewing skills suck.
Home, on the other hand, is giving me no problems. The house has been sold, we're just going through the last steps of the process, then they'll have to wait until I get the move on. We're packing up the things we don't use very often, there are a few boxes lying here and there. Its kind of sad, but we already went over that.
In regards to my personal life, I feel like... yeah, not so good. With the heat coming back, there goes my energy. I have to drag myself everywhere I go. My car is green, absolutely green. Its covered in pollen and every time I wash it, it just becomes green again. And the pollen makes me sneeze. The only enjoyment I get these days are the short times I get to play games, watch shows, and talk to friends. A very short time compared to the rest of my day. I look forward to summer with great anticipation.
Angel Beats, everyone. Go see it.

Eat it, Haruhi and God Knows, eat it. Girls Dead Monster! Rah!

The Slap Chop!

A little bit of Touhou?

Seriously, awesome. I love the song too.

Alright, I effectively relieved some stress, I feel better now. Later! I have a paper to finish.


  1. Hahaha!!!! I love that Slap Chop infomercial! Making America thin one slap at a time! lol Or something like that. And I love that line where he does that we should "call now!" because he can't do this all day...

    See, writing does help relieve stress. ^_^ You really should countdown the days, it'll help you feel better. Like you're actually moving forward rather than being stuck.

    I'm sorry to hear about another set of interns. You're right though, the HR department, aren't they supposed to send 'the best' for the company and all? Why are things so hard here then? At the way things are going at your place, I would've already secured a job.

    And green? You're car is seriously green? O.o I always thought you were a black or maybe silver car kind of guy. But that's how little I really know, right, lol!

    Hang in there! 5 or so weeks now! ^_^

  2. I can't even calculate the amount of weeks I have left, counting the days would be like impossible. lol

    And knowing our HR, you probably already have a job here, haha.

    My car is a brownish color I think is actually called beige or however its spelled. But now the pollen has turned it bright green. It looks seriously amusing.