Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Final Week


Eat Vocaloid! Eat it now!
I mean hear Vocaloid. My bad.

Rolling Girl by Hatsune Miku. Honestly, awesome or what?

You have to hand to the team, they did a really awesome job on that stuff. Unfortunately, I've been listening through the album and nothing else catches me quite like it did. Regardless, I am pleasantly surprised at the level of nice listening this album achieved. I am amazed that someone put this together, utterly amazed.
And speaking of music, Angel Beats. Eat it K-On fans, Angel Beats music is so much more... better.

Angel Beats OP

Angel Beats OP, rock version?

Thousand Enemies, Girls Dead Monster. Woo!

Crow Song!


Eat it! All of it! Nom nom nom!
Okay, all this music aside, I have one week left in here. Two roommates left during the weekend, so there's only one left to get rid of. The garage sale went... smoothly. I didn't expect to sell everything though, I must be better at sales than I thought. All this cash, its driving me mad! I need to dump it on the bank before I do something stupid.
Work is well, the same. This week will be the last week, the last time I'll deal with the interns. I have chosen the intern who gets my nerf rifle of death, I think he's the best out of this batch. I might miss my modded nerf gun, but I can always make another one.
I'll be busy throughout the week, so no updates maybe. Probably not much sleep either. Oh, speaking of sleep. I had the weirdest dreams as of last. I believe I've talked about my recurring dreams before, the ones where I'm searching for someone or something. I've been getting those recently again. Sigh.
But the other night, I had a strangely creepy one. Let me tell you...

I was driving through a residential area with small roads and lots of turns. Lots of dogs started to block my way and detour my progress. Getting frustrated, I notice an antique garage sale and walk over to it. I ask the old lady for directions, but she just talks of the dogs and the weather. Another lady comes out, and I turn my attention towards her. Upon a somewhat pleasant conversation, she invites me to dinner with her family. Later that night, the family shows me around their house. The first floor is dark when I come back down the stairs, I meet the old lady again. She talks to me again and I answer her.
The family upstairs comes out and asks me who I was talking to, I tell them about the old lady I thought was their grandmother. They tell me that she is a ghost and I should not talk to her or else she will continue to haunt me. I turn to look at her, but the ghost is gone. At dinner time, the family tells me she will appear again to try and talk to me during dinner. The best solution is not to talk to her and ignore her, then she will go away and I would never see her again.
As they said, she appeared. In a panicked frenzy, I threw some salt at her. She walked around the salt and tries to talk to me. “Shut up!” I thought aloud. “Shut up! Shut up, Shut up!” I sat their trembling for a while. The family tells me this is the first time they all saw her at once and saw her run out the back door. It was odd, I had that feeling too.
I followed her out into the backyard, to a grove of trees in the far corner. What I saw there was not and old woman, but a young woman with long purple hair. Under the moonlight, I stared at her beautiful face.

Then the damn birds woke me up. And Jebus, the part when the family told me she was a ghost, I could feel myself almost waking up from fright. Dreams have a surprising way of scaring people. I wish I knew how this one ended. I always wonder how dreams can feel so real and scary while you're asleep, but once you are awake you just say "oh, how silly." Still, that disappearing old lady ghost gave me the creeps. Curse your scariness, elderly people!

And speaking of ghosts, a friend of mine has used my belief in logic and statistics to prove that I have killed someone. A few years back, I was returning to Tampa from Jacksonville after a vacation of sorts. I was late driving back and extremely tired. I dozed off for a minute and when I woke up I found that I had switched lanes. Thinking nothing of it(except how lucky I was for not dying), I drove home.
So my friend tells me I killed someone and just don't know about it. I was driving alone, and there could have been other cars. He gives me the statistics for the amount of fatalities there are from traffic accidents in the United States.There were nearly 6,420,000 auto accidents in the United States in 2005. The financial cost of these crashes is more than 230 Billion dollars. 2.9 million people were injured and 42,636 people killed. About 115 people die every day in vehicle crashes in the United States -- one death every 13 minutes. Considering I was out for a minute, he reasoned that I could have been knocked out for longer. I agreed, I neither looked at the clock or recorded any time before or after I awoke. So we came to the realization that I have a 1 out of 13 chance that I ended up causing a traffic accident that killed someone. Very interesting discussion indeed. Anyway, it ended with me saying the following: "Even if I killed someone, I was not aware of it. So maybe it's not my fault and I can't be blamed for it? Regardless, if I did kill someone, I think that's skill right? Killing people in my sleep, that's like something ninjas do. I feel awesome and horrible at the same time. Awkward."

Why, I do like tuna...

Secret of Megurine is my favorite song for this particular vocaloid. And that tuna one.

And one more for the road.

After this, I will most likely avoid talking about vocaloids again. This is just about as bad as my Idolmaster obsession...
Have a great night everyone! Dream on!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Going the Right Way

It opened... JUST AS PLANNED.

I really liked BF2142. No, not because of that. ^^

Obvious Death Note jokes aside, things are going well for me. I've managed to schedule off its hellbent ways and back on track to success. The bank is done, this house is no longer mine. So long, house! Next week is my last week at work, I've already begun to take some of my stuff home. As a tradition of some sort, I'm giving my nerf rifle to the intern I think best deserves it. I think its a good prize if I say so myself. Holding the garage sale this weekend, its strangely exciting. I did this once before, but back then my mother was in charge. Maybe its just my business management blood boiling.
We've been partying nonstop these days, whenever I come home, we're partying. Playing games, watching movies, going out to eat, having a good time. I'm going to miss moments like these.
I leave in 10 days! I can't believe it! It's not butter!

Manga time!
AI Ga Tomaranai! - One of the first mangas by Ken Akamatsu. Anyone who knows me knows how much I like this dude's mangas. His manga Love Hina got me into anime and manga in the first place. Oh the precious first.
Love Hina - This is it! The story of a college hopeful who keeps flunking out of the entrance exams. With his life at rock bottom, he goes to his grandma for help. In a wacky turn of events, he becomes the manager of a girl's dorm. He has to study for the entrance exams and survive the antics of the residents at the same time. The hilarity that ensues is top notch.
Negima - I did not like this one at first, but it quickly turned me over. It's the story of a child teacher who is secretly a mage. He has to teach a uniquely diverse and very special all-girls class of students, all the while trying to keep his magic a secret. It's funny, it's comedic, it's great!

Vid time!

Battlefield 2142, awesomeness in a box.

Learn how to take down a Titan! Yeah!

Eiffel 65 used be my favorite back in middle school. Oh, so old.

I DJ wit da fia? Is that possible? If its Eiffel 65, I'd believe it. Another favorite.

And this was one of my other favorites back in the day...

Enough Eiffel 65 for one day. Peace out everyone.
(I feel so much happier today. How odd.)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Busy Days

When my status says I'm "busy", I am busy.
It's the truth.

So with work in full gear, I find myself actually spending most of my day there. The old four hour days after school have been replaced eight hours of pure work. Holy dang, a lot happens in the office when I'm not around.  I missed the epic coffee making/hilarious coffee dance that has been introduced to us several weeks ago. Everyone(now including me) now knows that epic coffee is greater than just regular coffee.
Outside of work, I've been cleaning the house mostly. The landscaping is almost done, the yard looks awesome. The house is mostly clean too, only thing left to do is move out. That is still a few weeks away. It feels like we should have waited with the packing, now we have a ton of boxes lying around. Our house now has this "cardboard box" interior design motif.
In my spare time(I originally wrote space time), I play Tropico 3. Remember that? The Communist/Castro sim? I really like this game. It's just too full of tongue-in-cheek humor. It really is like a poor man's Simcity. And its well designed too, a fun game to waste countless hours pretending to be a dictator of a banana republic. Endless fun.
I've also been trying to regain some art skills for the site's new banner, but that is far from fruition. I've also been messing around with an assortment of colors for the site, but not like that will affect anything yet.

Manga time!
Detective Conan - Everyone should know Detective Conan, its like a staple for Japanese manga fans.
QED - Another new detective manga. I think it has good potential to be really awesome.
Magic Kaito - From the same other as Detective Conan, its like a detective manga with magic in it.

Vid time!

Neko Mimi Mode! Can you imagine having this stuck in your head all day? It hurts.

Working!! OP. Catchy and a good anime to boot. Go take a watch.

Code Geass OP. Did I mention it was also a great watch? You know what to do.

Eve no Jikan(Time of Eve) trailer. Hey, another nice one to watch.

Anyone notice the koala plush? lol!

Killzone 2! Too bad it wasn't as awesome as the trailer. Oh hype, how you destroy great games.

Halo 3...

Youtube won't let me embed this one, but you should watch it too!
and if you watched all of those, you are a very bored person. Go play some Tropico 3.

-edit: added manga links because I forgot, and changed the top song from Neko Mimi Mode because it was driving me crazy.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Ouch, more delays.

Not that I'm sick or anything, everything is just backed up. I just figured out how much longer I have to stay here, it's going to be rather odd. Two more weeks, fourteen more days, however you say it, that's how long. The bank decided to take its sweet old time with the loan process, so the buyers told me I needed to wait longer. But  on the bright side, that's two more weeks to train the interns. These new ones don't seem as bad, or I got used to interns. Either case, it's okay.
It is going to be weird living alone in an empty house for two weeks, all the roommates are moving out and taking much of the furniture with them. And I'm still planning on doing the garage sale before they leave so I don't have to do it all by my lonesome self. Honestly, this house gives me the creeps when I'm here alone. It is way too huge for a single person. I don't understand how people can live in those giant mansions without losing their minds. Must be a rich people thing.

Manga time!
Yakitate!! Japan - It's about bread-baking, honestly. I avoided at first because I thought "WTF", but its actually good. Its funny, interesting, and a little over the top. I have a lot of chapters to catch up on.
Saijou no Meii - From the same mangaka guy, this one's about pediatric surgery. Finally, a medical manga. And it totally caught me off guard with its traps. Ackbar be proud. 

Vid spam time!
Air OP

Kanon OP & ED

Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle! RAH!

Onegai Twins OP

Oh, I gave up counting the days...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Under Construction

Pardon the Dust

While I decide what changes I'm going to make like name, layout, colors, maybe even coding. This place may look different in the days to come as I experiment with things. Going to work on my own art finally for the new banner, instead of just ripping pictures off Google Earth(Thanks Google!). I also wanted to insert some kind of chat system, be it forums or a chat room. But that would be kind of useless, wouldn't it? I also wanted to make some money from this site, but can't have it all can I?
This site doesn't get a lot traffic like my other site which averages 300 views a month(seriously, what do they do?), but I like this site because the posts here are simpler and easier. Not saying that the other site isn't fun, it really is. But this one just feels more personal. I can't explain well. I would also like to thank the USF and UNF anime clubs, because its you guys who are probably pushing up the visitor counter there. If you can read this, I love/hate you guys. You know the deal.
All said and done, I feel weird. I woke up today thinking about going to school, only to realize I didn't have to anymore. I didn't hang around long after graduation, so it feels like that day hasn't sunk in yet. Honestly, I wondered what I would do know that I didn't have to sit in classes anymore. I wanted to fall asleep at the desks again, I wanted to see my students again. No longer can I do that. So I went to work instead.
I felt lost, I didn't know what to do. The new interns were here, I gave them the "we're welcoming you, but not really welcoming you" presentation. The new batch was about as diversely noob as the last, but I'm used to that now. The first day was spent getting to know each of the interns that managed to slip past our HR and found themselves at my desk. I showed them around the office and one of the new female interns immediately broke the printer. One of the office guys passing by just shook his head, I silently laughed. I have less than three weeks with these new guys before they are handed off to some other guy for the other seven weeks of their ten week intern period. I want to do the best I can, give them all that I can, so that when they get to the other guy, they will knock his socks off. I take pride in my interns like that, they are a product of my legacy here. The person who introduced me here was a legacy of his own, his name still floats around the office from time to time. I want to be like that, remembered for the good things. So far, I think I'm doing well. The office is throwing me a farewell party on the Friday before I leave, I miss this place. Just like how I miss the classroom already.
It is an odd feeling to want to go back. I've spent my entire life cursing school, class, and professors who only act like they listen. But the second I'm released, I want to go back. Maybe it was because I was comfortable, maybe it was because I feel so lost now. I sit here with my plans in my hands, still wondering what the heck I'm doing. It's an odd feeling.

Oh oh oh, manga recommendations time. This one's new guys, I just started reading these, they're nicely done.
Sankarea - comedy about a girl returning from the dead.
Tasogare Otome x Amnesia - Another comedy about a dead girl's ghost and school mysteries.

Anyway, vid time.
Chuck Norris Jokes.

Angel Beats!

I think I already showed this one, but oh well. Fear Alma again!

I'm off to eat/sleep! 19 more!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Last File

I Am America
Patriotism at its best/worst

I was listening to a friend talk to some other people, they were talking about how the rest of the world always says the United States is ignorant, arrogant, and all that. I myself have always been a proud American and an established Republican, but it interested me to hear what other people think. But I was not prepared for what I heard.
"The United States is the best in the world." I was expecting the usual "This place sucks, I know." But no, this guy is more hardcore than I am. I really wished that I could have somehow recorded his dialogue. Not only was it informative and true, but it was also extremely hilarious to hear. I can't exactly quote all the expletives, so it'll use much of its humor as I explain it.
So first off, he explains why other nations like to badmouth the US. Of course they would, he says. Who wouldn't? We have everything they could only dream of. We have the best economy, the educated workforce, the prestigious colleges, the most powerful military, we have everything. They don't. It's a fact that those on top stand alone.
So they go on to say that reason doesn't allow the US to go around and do as it pleases. The response? "Didn't you listen? We have everything. Even the other countries. What matters in that country, matters to us. Their fight is our fight, because what happens over there, matters over here. As the world's superpower, it is our duty to insure that we stay on top. Every empire in history has done the same. Do you think the Roman Empire let others do as they pleased?"
The conversation took a little turn, when it was said that should not allow the US to force its culture onto other nations. This was a really fun one to listen to. Why should they not follow in our footsteps? We are the best empire in existence. We're not forcing our culture on other nations, they are adopting it themselves. They hire us to do business in their country, they buy our goods because our stuff is superior. English the most widely spoken language, the dollar is used internationally. As the best there is, why not do what we do?
I missed a lot of conversation after that, I happened to be trying to study for a final. When I rejoined the conversation, they had moved onto economics. The other guy was trying to argue that America owed its economy to other nations because of outsourcing. And then came the rebuttal.
Other countries did not even know about outsourcing until the United States introduced it. We hold the stock market, we have the dollar, we have everything. The only reason companies outside the United States are as big as they are, is because we decided to go there and teach them how to do business. That is what the business world is all about(as a business major, I know that for a fact). We go to other countries to teach them how we do business, we built those companies, the industries, the factories. We trained the workforce, we gave the know-how. At the end of World War Two, we pulled Europe out. We rebuilt Japan's and South Korea's economy. Because their success is our success.
And than it was said that America borrowed its success from foreign countries, like Japan for technology. Who funded them? They didn't get all that money by themselves. Before outsiders stepped into the picture, Japan was a island of rice paddies. Only when their doors were finally opened did Japan start modernizing. Asian countries all lagging behind until outside forces pushed them.
So anyway, the conversation was long, informative, and hilarious. But I had to stop listening at some point. I found it hilarious that although the argument was sound, it sounded best when said in an arrogant tone of voice. It got me thinking though, I'm glad I live in the States. I believed him, the United States was the best place to live. We had no wars, no famines, no rampant epidemics, a stable government, and comfortable lives. I like the fact that we hold the most powerful military and have the economy in our hands rather than someone else's. Sure, America has its problems. But I'd rather have these problems than some other country's problems.

That's the end of that. Now I have a small announcement to make. As you may or may not have noticed, this post is "the last file". The purpose of the File Cabinet was so I could store some of my academic works while I was in college, which I did to an extent. But now, as I'm leaving college, I figured it was time for a name change as my outlook on this blog changes. As much as I want to name it "The Interblag" or "The Blogosphere", I can't. That's already taken. I'll be taking a thinking break until I move, then I'll change it. I wonder what kind of new name I should give it, something hilarious probably. For the moment, I was thinking "Adventures of Kai", but that seemed so plain. Anyway, I could use some suggestions. I'll keep thinking about it.

Vid overblow time!

I'm the boss!


For those you who need to figure out how to do good presentations.

Gaming can save the world, guys. Play more.

For those of you who don't know, Visual Novels are popular in Japan. They tell a story much like reading a book, except you can make decisions to influence the story. The closest equivalent I can think of are those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books. Moving characters are a first in visual novels, hence its cool and I decided to point it out. And if you haven't seen White Album the anime, you should. It's a eye-catching adult story.

Another random Idolmaster vid, jus cuz.

The original vid. "Voice" by Eri Nobuchika, btw. Good song, nice vid.

Okay, that's it.
22 Days left.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

File # 01026050

The Arizona Boycott, Europe's going down the gutter, oil spilling everywhere,...
God is in his Heaven, All's Right with the World.

So I've reconnected myself to the word again, trying to procrastinate doing anything important as best I can. I have to say, the world out there today is depressing. Really, truly, horribly, unadulteratedly depressing. I mean, you can just pick an article out of a hat, read it, and it will, without a doubt, depress you. No wonder anti-depressants are getting popular, with news like this.
So anyway, in an attempt to return this blog into something close to in intellectual origins, I'll go over some depressing things today. First off, that attempted terrorist attack in New York City. Honestly, its getting old. NYC has been a terrorist target since forever, and its not going to stop. Everyone's just paying more attention to it now because two giant buildings got owned on September 11th, 2001. Ask a lot of people, most people can only remember 9/11. Not the month or the year, nice patriotism guys. Now, with that said, I'm not saying that we should ignore it or that its a good thing. Its not, terrorist attacks are bad news and shouldn't happen. A lot of good men and women died on September 11, let us never forget that. But, on the other hand, someone tell the media to show something less depressing. New Yorkers are used to that kind of stuff already, they've lived through it. The last thing they need is for things to get blown out of proportion. Let's move on, shall we?
Speaking of moving on, those oil spills drift pretty far. You know, oil spills happen a lot. Alaska is still paying for its oil spills. And anyone else notice how New Orleans has been getting the short end of the stick since Katrina? Almost feel sorry for them, but not really. But this oil spill did something, it reawakened all of environmental activists that have been sleeping for years. Seriously, they had nothing to really complain about for a while, and now they're all back. Fantastic.
In Europe, they're going crazy. Greece just enacted some laws to cut back on spending and heighten taxes. A good measure for the government, but nobody likes tax hikes. Someone in the Greek government put it the best, "the rest of Europe is trying to help Greece in its time of trouble, but we ourselves cannot be united." Isn't that fantastic? There's people dying over this, lots more being injured and arrested. People just can't elect some representatives, sit down in a boardroom, and talk it out, can we? I must still be naive. Then again, if it was that easy, we wouldn't have wars. We all know how I can't do without those...
Oh, this one I saved for last, because it hits so close to my own personal beliefs in the system. The Arizona Immigration Law. In an attempt to stop illegal immigration and get some illegals out of the country, the law allows authorities to check residents that they are in fact legal. Its an extreme measure, yes, but the best I've seen to fighting the problem rather than ignoring it. I don't see anyone else doing anything about it, whoever came up with it should be praised. Opposition argues that it could lead to racial profiling, well duh. We're trying to combat illegal immigrants coming from Mexico. Those illegal immigrants are obviously going to be, you guessed it, Mexican. What are they expecting, Chinese? Please, everyone knows the Chinese go to Hawaii on expired visas. Don't ask me how I know that.
So anyway, right now the opposition to the law is greater than the support. People are boycotting Arizona, stopping conferences and major public events like a Major League Baseball game. The supporters, in turn, are trying to rally each other to holding conventions in Arizona to render the boycott ineffective. They say that the illegal immigrants hold an economic importance in the region, other say that's bull. I'm one of them. Please, They're buying groceries with my tax money, they're living in public housing thanks to my tax money, and the little money they earn by doing jobs get sent back home to their families never to be seen in the US market ever. I'd rather have my tax return, thanks. And for every illegal alien that gets kicked out, that's another job that a legal immigrant could fill. Legals pay their taxes, their money is funneled back into our domestic economy, we need more legals.
Most of the country is still riding on the Democratic Popular phase. It's okay to give minority power, they say. Control the corporations and the industries, they say. Screw up the system further, they say. But ultimately, they just don't think for themselves. Now, I'm a rather cynical realist. I say the ends justify the means, most of the time. I wanted the government to let AIG fall and burn instead of bailing them out so it would narrow the economy and reduce competition. I wanted GM to fall for the same reason. I hated Obama's raise on the stock market capital gains tax that hurt corporations and investors. I was all for the offshore oil drilling, though. I'm a Republican, but that doesn't mean I hate everything that Obama did. But he makes it sound all nice so that people don't have to think for themselves. That's how the universal healthcare plan thing came into being. He used the popularity swing votes rather than facts. I may be wrong on this, but I think that plan will end up straining us rather than helping us. I hate politics, oh wait, I hate everything.
Oops, I was talking about the Arizona Immigration Law wasn't I? People don't understand the situation there. The local authorities are battling illegal smugglers down there, actual gun fights. People are dying, there's more than just people smuggling involved. There's drugs, guns, and money going across that border. It needs to stop and this is a crucial step. We could either do this, or stop immigration altogether. Which one's the better idea?
A lot of people are going to hate me for my opinion on that matter but hey, now you know. I can talk about it normally, in fact, I like to debate. But please, cut the bull and stick to the facts. The media too, keep it to the facts please. Although I know they won't.

Anyhow, today came off as maybe too much information. Video overblow time anyone?

I swear I had more videos to spam than that. Oh well.
And I did finally get around to watching the first Evangelion movie. I knew I'd be disappointed.
Also. 24 days left! Hopefully.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

File #01021050

My life is made of rainy days.

Honestly, I think I have the most fun on rainy days, whether its staying inside gaming, outside doing something crazy like chasing hurricanes, and anything in between. That's not saying I'm easily depressed to anything, in fact I think its cool like that. Ever since I was a kid I could tell when the rain was coming, like a special sense or something. Anyway, I need more rainy days. Lots more.
That aside, I've been given a week off work to prepare for finals and to prepare to begin training the summer interns. I'll only have two weeks with these new ones before I move out, so I won't know how they'll turn out. But if they turn out like the last batch, I'll be proud.
I've come to realize how much I actually enjoy teaching, even through all my groaning and moaning. I like knowing I've made a difference directly, the fact that I helped someone along the way just like how someone helped me. Being a teacher is all sorts of fun, I'd probably have went on the education track if I realized this in my freshman or sophomore year of college. I feel all sorts of joy when I hear back from a student or intern and they talk about how well they're doing and such. It may not be all because of me, but I like to think so. Oh, the road not taken, what irony.
Moving on, its cram time in school. Not really for me, because I think I've prepared enough. Finals won't be a breeze though, so I'll probably cram a little the week of. A lot of my friends, both offline and online, are hitting the books, so its kind of boring when I want to game with people. Oh well.

Anime-wise, I just dropped a lot of shows to ease myself. I usually end up watching everything because everyone asks me about every show, which I did. I've made my choice, this season was about as good as the last. That said, not so good. Truthfully, I really only look forward to a few shows, Angel Beats and Arakawa Under the Bridge. Whatever else comes out, whoop-de-doo. I'm probably a lot more judgmental of the anime I watch these days, trying to give myself more reasons to watch less anime.
I'm still trying to catch up on TV shows like Fringe, Dexter, Lie To Me, and some others. It's nice to be watching good American TV again, especially when anime is going down the drain. Anyone else hear about how the anime industry is completely shutting down in the States because of the doubleteam of bad economy and piracy? Sigh.
Gametime! But not really. APB, one of the games I was looking forward to, just disappointed me with its business model. The game is now pay-per-month, which I never do. So there goes all my excitement for that. The announcement for Dead Space 2 and F3AR made me all warm and fuzzy inside, probably not a good sign for my sanity in the future.

Can't believe I'm looking forward to a Halo game. Well, I thought ODST was kind of fun.

Anyway, that's from it today. I always forget to say things. Peace out!
and 30 days left!