Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Busy Days

When my status says I'm "busy", I am busy.
It's the truth.

So with work in full gear, I find myself actually spending most of my day there. The old four hour days after school have been replaced eight hours of pure work. Holy dang, a lot happens in the office when I'm not around.  I missed the epic coffee making/hilarious coffee dance that has been introduced to us several weeks ago. Everyone(now including me) now knows that epic coffee is greater than just regular coffee.
Outside of work, I've been cleaning the house mostly. The landscaping is almost done, the yard looks awesome. The house is mostly clean too, only thing left to do is move out. That is still a few weeks away. It feels like we should have waited with the packing, now we have a ton of boxes lying around. Our house now has this "cardboard box" interior design motif.
In my spare time(I originally wrote space time), I play Tropico 3. Remember that? The Communist/Castro sim? I really like this game. It's just too full of tongue-in-cheek humor. It really is like a poor man's Simcity. And its well designed too, a fun game to waste countless hours pretending to be a dictator of a banana republic. Endless fun.
I've also been trying to regain some art skills for the site's new banner, but that is far from fruition. I've also been messing around with an assortment of colors for the site, but not like that will affect anything yet.

Manga time!
Detective Conan - Everyone should know Detective Conan, its like a staple for Japanese manga fans.
QED - Another new detective manga. I think it has good potential to be really awesome.
Magic Kaito - From the same other as Detective Conan, its like a detective manga with magic in it.

Vid time!

Neko Mimi Mode! Can you imagine having this stuck in your head all day? It hurts.

Working!! OP. Catchy and a good anime to boot. Go take a watch.

Code Geass OP. Did I mention it was also a great watch? You know what to do.

Eve no Jikan(Time of Eve) trailer. Hey, another nice one to watch.

Anyone notice the koala plush? lol!

Killzone 2! Too bad it wasn't as awesome as the trailer. Oh hype, how you destroy great games.

Halo 3...

Youtube won't let me embed this one, but you should watch it too!
and if you watched all of those, you are a very bored person. Go play some Tropico 3.

-edit: added manga links because I forgot, and changed the top song from Neko Mimi Mode because it was driving me crazy.


  1. Take a picture of your 'new' house?

  2. I would too, if I had a camera! lol
    That is something I'll never get around to.