Saturday, May 1, 2010

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My life is made of rainy days.

Honestly, I think I have the most fun on rainy days, whether its staying inside gaming, outside doing something crazy like chasing hurricanes, and anything in between. That's not saying I'm easily depressed to anything, in fact I think its cool like that. Ever since I was a kid I could tell when the rain was coming, like a special sense or something. Anyway, I need more rainy days. Lots more.
That aside, I've been given a week off work to prepare for finals and to prepare to begin training the summer interns. I'll only have two weeks with these new ones before I move out, so I won't know how they'll turn out. But if they turn out like the last batch, I'll be proud.
I've come to realize how much I actually enjoy teaching, even through all my groaning and moaning. I like knowing I've made a difference directly, the fact that I helped someone along the way just like how someone helped me. Being a teacher is all sorts of fun, I'd probably have went on the education track if I realized this in my freshman or sophomore year of college. I feel all sorts of joy when I hear back from a student or intern and they talk about how well they're doing and such. It may not be all because of me, but I like to think so. Oh, the road not taken, what irony.
Moving on, its cram time in school. Not really for me, because I think I've prepared enough. Finals won't be a breeze though, so I'll probably cram a little the week of. A lot of my friends, both offline and online, are hitting the books, so its kind of boring when I want to game with people. Oh well.

Anime-wise, I just dropped a lot of shows to ease myself. I usually end up watching everything because everyone asks me about every show, which I did. I've made my choice, this season was about as good as the last. That said, not so good. Truthfully, I really only look forward to a few shows, Angel Beats and Arakawa Under the Bridge. Whatever else comes out, whoop-de-doo. I'm probably a lot more judgmental of the anime I watch these days, trying to give myself more reasons to watch less anime.
I'm still trying to catch up on TV shows like Fringe, Dexter, Lie To Me, and some others. It's nice to be watching good American TV again, especially when anime is going down the drain. Anyone else hear about how the anime industry is completely shutting down in the States because of the doubleteam of bad economy and piracy? Sigh.
Gametime! But not really. APB, one of the games I was looking forward to, just disappointed me with its business model. The game is now pay-per-month, which I never do. So there goes all my excitement for that. The announcement for Dead Space 2 and F3AR made me all warm and fuzzy inside, probably not a good sign for my sanity in the future.

Can't believe I'm looking forward to a Halo game. Well, I thought ODST was kind of fun.

Anyway, that's from it today. I always forget to say things. Peace out!
and 30 days left!

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