Thursday, May 6, 2010

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The Arizona Boycott, Europe's going down the gutter, oil spilling everywhere,...
God is in his Heaven, All's Right with the World.

So I've reconnected myself to the word again, trying to procrastinate doing anything important as best I can. I have to say, the world out there today is depressing. Really, truly, horribly, unadulteratedly depressing. I mean, you can just pick an article out of a hat, read it, and it will, without a doubt, depress you. No wonder anti-depressants are getting popular, with news like this.
So anyway, in an attempt to return this blog into something close to in intellectual origins, I'll go over some depressing things today. First off, that attempted terrorist attack in New York City. Honestly, its getting old. NYC has been a terrorist target since forever, and its not going to stop. Everyone's just paying more attention to it now because two giant buildings got owned on September 11th, 2001. Ask a lot of people, most people can only remember 9/11. Not the month or the year, nice patriotism guys. Now, with that said, I'm not saying that we should ignore it or that its a good thing. Its not, terrorist attacks are bad news and shouldn't happen. A lot of good men and women died on September 11, let us never forget that. But, on the other hand, someone tell the media to show something less depressing. New Yorkers are used to that kind of stuff already, they've lived through it. The last thing they need is for things to get blown out of proportion. Let's move on, shall we?
Speaking of moving on, those oil spills drift pretty far. You know, oil spills happen a lot. Alaska is still paying for its oil spills. And anyone else notice how New Orleans has been getting the short end of the stick since Katrina? Almost feel sorry for them, but not really. But this oil spill did something, it reawakened all of environmental activists that have been sleeping for years. Seriously, they had nothing to really complain about for a while, and now they're all back. Fantastic.
In Europe, they're going crazy. Greece just enacted some laws to cut back on spending and heighten taxes. A good measure for the government, but nobody likes tax hikes. Someone in the Greek government put it the best, "the rest of Europe is trying to help Greece in its time of trouble, but we ourselves cannot be united." Isn't that fantastic? There's people dying over this, lots more being injured and arrested. People just can't elect some representatives, sit down in a boardroom, and talk it out, can we? I must still be naive. Then again, if it was that easy, we wouldn't have wars. We all know how I can't do without those...
Oh, this one I saved for last, because it hits so close to my own personal beliefs in the system. The Arizona Immigration Law. In an attempt to stop illegal immigration and get some illegals out of the country, the law allows authorities to check residents that they are in fact legal. Its an extreme measure, yes, but the best I've seen to fighting the problem rather than ignoring it. I don't see anyone else doing anything about it, whoever came up with it should be praised. Opposition argues that it could lead to racial profiling, well duh. We're trying to combat illegal immigrants coming from Mexico. Those illegal immigrants are obviously going to be, you guessed it, Mexican. What are they expecting, Chinese? Please, everyone knows the Chinese go to Hawaii on expired visas. Don't ask me how I know that.
So anyway, right now the opposition to the law is greater than the support. People are boycotting Arizona, stopping conferences and major public events like a Major League Baseball game. The supporters, in turn, are trying to rally each other to holding conventions in Arizona to render the boycott ineffective. They say that the illegal immigrants hold an economic importance in the region, other say that's bull. I'm one of them. Please, They're buying groceries with my tax money, they're living in public housing thanks to my tax money, and the little money they earn by doing jobs get sent back home to their families never to be seen in the US market ever. I'd rather have my tax return, thanks. And for every illegal alien that gets kicked out, that's another job that a legal immigrant could fill. Legals pay their taxes, their money is funneled back into our domestic economy, we need more legals.
Most of the country is still riding on the Democratic Popular phase. It's okay to give minority power, they say. Control the corporations and the industries, they say. Screw up the system further, they say. But ultimately, they just don't think for themselves. Now, I'm a rather cynical realist. I say the ends justify the means, most of the time. I wanted the government to let AIG fall and burn instead of bailing them out so it would narrow the economy and reduce competition. I wanted GM to fall for the same reason. I hated Obama's raise on the stock market capital gains tax that hurt corporations and investors. I was all for the offshore oil drilling, though. I'm a Republican, but that doesn't mean I hate everything that Obama did. But he makes it sound all nice so that people don't have to think for themselves. That's how the universal healthcare plan thing came into being. He used the popularity swing votes rather than facts. I may be wrong on this, but I think that plan will end up straining us rather than helping us. I hate politics, oh wait, I hate everything.
Oops, I was talking about the Arizona Immigration Law wasn't I? People don't understand the situation there. The local authorities are battling illegal smugglers down there, actual gun fights. People are dying, there's more than just people smuggling involved. There's drugs, guns, and money going across that border. It needs to stop and this is a crucial step. We could either do this, or stop immigration altogether. Which one's the better idea?
A lot of people are going to hate me for my opinion on that matter but hey, now you know. I can talk about it normally, in fact, I like to debate. But please, cut the bull and stick to the facts. The media too, keep it to the facts please. Although I know they won't.

Anyhow, today came off as maybe too much information. Video overblow time anyone?

I swear I had more videos to spam than that. Oh well.
And I did finally get around to watching the first Evangelion movie. I knew I'd be disappointed.
Also. 24 days left! Hopefully.


  1. "I hate politics" lol Strong feelings, but I have to agree with you.
    I'm still processing a lot of the stuff you talked about, but I have to say, this blog has missed these 'intellectual conversations'. Good to see you back, lol.

    And yay, 24 days!

  2. It's good to be back. Writing intellectual stuff feels great, relieves the depressing negative emotion I have to sit with on a daily basis. There would be a lot more if the school didn't take all my papers on the "school owns your intellectual property" clause. I hate that clause. I hate a lot of things. lol