Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Final Week


Eat Vocaloid! Eat it now!
I mean hear Vocaloid. My bad.

Rolling Girl by Hatsune Miku. Honestly, awesome or what?

You have to hand to the team, they did a really awesome job on that stuff. Unfortunately, I've been listening through the album and nothing else catches me quite like it did. Regardless, I am pleasantly surprised at the level of nice listening this album achieved. I am amazed that someone put this together, utterly amazed.
And speaking of music, Angel Beats. Eat it K-On fans, Angel Beats music is so much more... better.

Angel Beats OP

Angel Beats OP, rock version?

Thousand Enemies, Girls Dead Monster. Woo!

Crow Song!


Eat it! All of it! Nom nom nom!
Okay, all this music aside, I have one week left in here. Two roommates left during the weekend, so there's only one left to get rid of. The garage sale went... smoothly. I didn't expect to sell everything though, I must be better at sales than I thought. All this cash, its driving me mad! I need to dump it on the bank before I do something stupid.
Work is well, the same. This week will be the last week, the last time I'll deal with the interns. I have chosen the intern who gets my nerf rifle of death, I think he's the best out of this batch. I might miss my modded nerf gun, but I can always make another one.
I'll be busy throughout the week, so no updates maybe. Probably not much sleep either. Oh, speaking of sleep. I had the weirdest dreams as of last. I believe I've talked about my recurring dreams before, the ones where I'm searching for someone or something. I've been getting those recently again. Sigh.
But the other night, I had a strangely creepy one. Let me tell you...

I was driving through a residential area with small roads and lots of turns. Lots of dogs started to block my way and detour my progress. Getting frustrated, I notice an antique garage sale and walk over to it. I ask the old lady for directions, but she just talks of the dogs and the weather. Another lady comes out, and I turn my attention towards her. Upon a somewhat pleasant conversation, she invites me to dinner with her family. Later that night, the family shows me around their house. The first floor is dark when I come back down the stairs, I meet the old lady again. She talks to me again and I answer her.
The family upstairs comes out and asks me who I was talking to, I tell them about the old lady I thought was their grandmother. They tell me that she is a ghost and I should not talk to her or else she will continue to haunt me. I turn to look at her, but the ghost is gone. At dinner time, the family tells me she will appear again to try and talk to me during dinner. The best solution is not to talk to her and ignore her, then she will go away and I would never see her again.
As they said, she appeared. In a panicked frenzy, I threw some salt at her. She walked around the salt and tries to talk to me. “Shut up!” I thought aloud. “Shut up! Shut up, Shut up!” I sat their trembling for a while. The family tells me this is the first time they all saw her at once and saw her run out the back door. It was odd, I had that feeling too.
I followed her out into the backyard, to a grove of trees in the far corner. What I saw there was not and old woman, but a young woman with long purple hair. Under the moonlight, I stared at her beautiful face.

Then the damn birds woke me up. And Jebus, the part when the family told me she was a ghost, I could feel myself almost waking up from fright. Dreams have a surprising way of scaring people. I wish I knew how this one ended. I always wonder how dreams can feel so real and scary while you're asleep, but once you are awake you just say "oh, how silly." Still, that disappearing old lady ghost gave me the creeps. Curse your scariness, elderly people!

And speaking of ghosts, a friend of mine has used my belief in logic and statistics to prove that I have killed someone. A few years back, I was returning to Tampa from Jacksonville after a vacation of sorts. I was late driving back and extremely tired. I dozed off for a minute and when I woke up I found that I had switched lanes. Thinking nothing of it(except how lucky I was for not dying), I drove home.
So my friend tells me I killed someone and just don't know about it. I was driving alone, and there could have been other cars. He gives me the statistics for the amount of fatalities there are from traffic accidents in the United States.There were nearly 6,420,000 auto accidents in the United States in 2005. The financial cost of these crashes is more than 230 Billion dollars. 2.9 million people were injured and 42,636 people killed. About 115 people die every day in vehicle crashes in the United States -- one death every 13 minutes. Considering I was out for a minute, he reasoned that I could have been knocked out for longer. I agreed, I neither looked at the clock or recorded any time before or after I awoke. So we came to the realization that I have a 1 out of 13 chance that I ended up causing a traffic accident that killed someone. Very interesting discussion indeed. Anyway, it ended with me saying the following: "Even if I killed someone, I was not aware of it. So maybe it's not my fault and I can't be blamed for it? Regardless, if I did kill someone, I think that's skill right? Killing people in my sleep, that's like something ninjas do. I feel awesome and horrible at the same time. Awkward."

Why, I do like tuna...

Secret of Megurine is my favorite song for this particular vocaloid. And that tuna one.

And one more for the road.

After this, I will most likely avoid talking about vocaloids again. This is just about as bad as my Idolmaster obsession...
Have a great night everyone! Dream on!

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