Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Last File

I Am America
Patriotism at its best/worst

I was listening to a friend talk to some other people, they were talking about how the rest of the world always says the United States is ignorant, arrogant, and all that. I myself have always been a proud American and an established Republican, but it interested me to hear what other people think. But I was not prepared for what I heard.
"The United States is the best in the world." I was expecting the usual "This place sucks, I know." But no, this guy is more hardcore than I am. I really wished that I could have somehow recorded his dialogue. Not only was it informative and true, but it was also extremely hilarious to hear. I can't exactly quote all the expletives, so it'll use much of its humor as I explain it.
So first off, he explains why other nations like to badmouth the US. Of course they would, he says. Who wouldn't? We have everything they could only dream of. We have the best economy, the educated workforce, the prestigious colleges, the most powerful military, we have everything. They don't. It's a fact that those on top stand alone.
So they go on to say that reason doesn't allow the US to go around and do as it pleases. The response? "Didn't you listen? We have everything. Even the other countries. What matters in that country, matters to us. Their fight is our fight, because what happens over there, matters over here. As the world's superpower, it is our duty to insure that we stay on top. Every empire in history has done the same. Do you think the Roman Empire let others do as they pleased?"
The conversation took a little turn, when it was said that should not allow the US to force its culture onto other nations. This was a really fun one to listen to. Why should they not follow in our footsteps? We are the best empire in existence. We're not forcing our culture on other nations, they are adopting it themselves. They hire us to do business in their country, they buy our goods because our stuff is superior. English the most widely spoken language, the dollar is used internationally. As the best there is, why not do what we do?
I missed a lot of conversation after that, I happened to be trying to study for a final. When I rejoined the conversation, they had moved onto economics. The other guy was trying to argue that America owed its economy to other nations because of outsourcing. And then came the rebuttal.
Other countries did not even know about outsourcing until the United States introduced it. We hold the stock market, we have the dollar, we have everything. The only reason companies outside the United States are as big as they are, is because we decided to go there and teach them how to do business. That is what the business world is all about(as a business major, I know that for a fact). We go to other countries to teach them how we do business, we built those companies, the industries, the factories. We trained the workforce, we gave the know-how. At the end of World War Two, we pulled Europe out. We rebuilt Japan's and South Korea's economy. Because their success is our success.
And than it was said that America borrowed its success from foreign countries, like Japan for technology. Who funded them? They didn't get all that money by themselves. Before outsiders stepped into the picture, Japan was a island of rice paddies. Only when their doors were finally opened did Japan start modernizing. Asian countries all lagging behind until outside forces pushed them.
So anyway, the conversation was long, informative, and hilarious. But I had to stop listening at some point. I found it hilarious that although the argument was sound, it sounded best when said in an arrogant tone of voice. It got me thinking though, I'm glad I live in the States. I believed him, the United States was the best place to live. We had no wars, no famines, no rampant epidemics, a stable government, and comfortable lives. I like the fact that we hold the most powerful military and have the economy in our hands rather than someone else's. Sure, America has its problems. But I'd rather have these problems than some other country's problems.

That's the end of that. Now I have a small announcement to make. As you may or may not have noticed, this post is "the last file". The purpose of the File Cabinet was so I could store some of my academic works while I was in college, which I did to an extent. But now, as I'm leaving college, I figured it was time for a name change as my outlook on this blog changes. As much as I want to name it "The Interblag" or "The Blogosphere", I can't. That's already taken. I'll be taking a thinking break until I move, then I'll change it. I wonder what kind of new name I should give it, something hilarious probably. For the moment, I was thinking "Adventures of Kai", but that seemed so plain. Anyway, I could use some suggestions. I'll keep thinking about it.

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For those you who need to figure out how to do good presentations.

Gaming can save the world, guys. Play more.

For those of you who don't know, Visual Novels are popular in Japan. They tell a story much like reading a book, except you can make decisions to influence the story. The closest equivalent I can think of are those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books. Moving characters are a first in visual novels, hence its cool and I decided to point it out. And if you haven't seen White Album the anime, you should. It's a eye-catching adult story.

Another random Idolmaster vid, jus cuz.

The original vid. "Voice" by Eri Nobuchika, btw. Good song, nice vid.

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