Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Under Construction

Pardon the Dust

While I decide what changes I'm going to make like name, layout, colors, maybe even coding. This place may look different in the days to come as I experiment with things. Going to work on my own art finally for the new banner, instead of just ripping pictures off Google Earth(Thanks Google!). I also wanted to insert some kind of chat system, be it forums or a chat room. But that would be kind of useless, wouldn't it? I also wanted to make some money from this site, but can't have it all can I?
This site doesn't get a lot traffic like my other site which averages 300 views a month(seriously, what do they do?), but I like this site because the posts here are simpler and easier. Not saying that the other site isn't fun, it really is. But this one just feels more personal. I can't explain well. I would also like to thank the USF and UNF anime clubs, because its you guys who are probably pushing up the visitor counter there. If you can read this, I love/hate you guys. You know the deal.
All said and done, I feel weird. I woke up today thinking about going to school, only to realize I didn't have to anymore. I didn't hang around long after graduation, so it feels like that day hasn't sunk in yet. Honestly, I wondered what I would do know that I didn't have to sit in classes anymore. I wanted to fall asleep at the desks again, I wanted to see my students again. No longer can I do that. So I went to work instead.
I felt lost, I didn't know what to do. The new interns were here, I gave them the "we're welcoming you, but not really welcoming you" presentation. The new batch was about as diversely noob as the last, but I'm used to that now. The first day was spent getting to know each of the interns that managed to slip past our HR and found themselves at my desk. I showed them around the office and one of the new female interns immediately broke the printer. One of the office guys passing by just shook his head, I silently laughed. I have less than three weeks with these new guys before they are handed off to some other guy for the other seven weeks of their ten week intern period. I want to do the best I can, give them all that I can, so that when they get to the other guy, they will knock his socks off. I take pride in my interns like that, they are a product of my legacy here. The person who introduced me here was a legacy of his own, his name still floats around the office from time to time. I want to be like that, remembered for the good things. So far, I think I'm doing well. The office is throwing me a farewell party on the Friday before I leave, I miss this place. Just like how I miss the classroom already.
It is an odd feeling to want to go back. I've spent my entire life cursing school, class, and professors who only act like they listen. But the second I'm released, I want to go back. Maybe it was because I was comfortable, maybe it was because I feel so lost now. I sit here with my plans in my hands, still wondering what the heck I'm doing. It's an odd feeling.

Oh oh oh, manga recommendations time. This one's new guys, I just started reading these, they're nicely done.
Sankarea - comedy about a girl returning from the dead.
Tasogare Otome x Amnesia - Another comedy about a dead girl's ghost and school mysteries.

Anyway, vid time.
Chuck Norris Jokes.

Angel Beats!

I think I already showed this one, but oh well. Fear Alma again!

I'm off to eat/sleep! 19 more!


  1. FEAR ...-_-
    I think I (sort of) know how you feel about the whole 'what do I do now' deal. You graduated already though? Like you've had your ceremony and stuff? Mine isn't until June or something. You guys must be early there.

    Your 'legacy at the office' thoughts are sweet. You've come a long way - started right from zero - so you do deserve to be remembered. Good for you! And I hope that farewell party has cake! Nothing's complete or really over until there's cake!

    Did I mention I really like that first song you've got there on your playlist?

  2. I just graduated last weekend, I was half asleep through the entire ceremony and quickly went home once it was done so I could sleep.

    My legacy idea feels kind of selfish, I'm not sure why. A lot of people do a lot of awesome things here, so it is kind of hard to be remembered. Just like how nobody remembers that lone guy in the file room, but we all depend on him every now and then.

    And that song I have up there is nice, isn't it? I can't believe that song is five years old. I'm sitting here trying to find all her music like a crazy person. lol