Monday, June 21, 2010

Here We Go Again...

Hi girls and boys!
Guess who's back?
Me! Sort of.

So anyway, I've been in Florida for almost a month now. I have to say, I'm glad to be back. I feel better already. No more city attitude(okay, well, I seemed to have brought some over), not as much traffic, less stupid drivers, less city basically. I'm staying with an old friend who lives out in the countryside, next to a large lake. To put it simply, I envy this guy. He's a silver spoon, he gets anything he ever wants. I wonder why my life can't be that easy. Then again, for as long as I'm here, I'm going to swim, kayak, and jet ski the heck out of this lake. I've regained a few shades of skin color, I'm Asian again!

Pictures soon, people. I haven't gotten a hold of that awesome Pentax camera I want yet, but I did get my hands on a simple digital point and shoot camera. I gotta let people see this lake. More importantly, I have to show people pictures of me enjoying this lake while they are stuck in a cubicle at work. In your face, office lackeys!

Speaking of office lackeys, I found a temporary job until I find a more permanent one. A friend of mine who graduated when I did is starting a IT company in Tampa, he hired me as a consultant to make this company of his a success. Working to build a company from the foundations up is really an experience. I'm being paid top dollar to sit around and shuffle through potential office locations, applications, and client lists. Sure, its hard and important work, but who cares! I love this job. The only person I listen is this guy who is too busy doing his own work. And if I do this right, maybe I could get this as a permanent position. That would be nice.

You know what, E3. World Cup. OMG. I was not anticipating any games until E3 showed up, curse you E3! Now there's stuff like this...

Child of Eden Trailer, its one of those motion things! The music is Star Line by Genki Rockets, btw.

Bringing NFS back to its roots, hell yeah. I'm definitely being a Chaser.

Sonic 4! Back to the roots!

Seriously, E3 is a gamer's lifeblood. Look at the lineup. Dead Space 2, Halo Reach for all the bros, Medal of Honor, NFS, Sonic 4, that motion game stuff, Vanquish, Fear 3, and so much more. And here I thought I could stop spending money on games for a while. Silly me.

Site-wise, I'm not making much progress here. In fact, I really haven't been able to do anything yet. No time! Too busy enjoying myself. I'll get to it eventually. I'll get tired of fun having fun soon, right?

Okay, instead of manga time, its webcomic time.
Shortpacked - A funny comic about retail workers of a toy store. Epic funny, really.
Megatokyo - If you haven't at least heard of this one, you never truly had access to the internet.
Penny Arcade - The man who writes this stuff is pure literary gold, a god.

You know what I do miss? Atlanta had a ton of Asian restaurants and grocery stores. There is a total of two Korean places to eat in Tampa. Two. And one Asian grocery store. Am I not looking hard enough yet? Or maybe they are considered shady and aren't listed on Google Maps. Or the internet for that matter.

Anyway, vid time.

Heh, I couldn't resist one more.

I'm outta here, time to eat sunlight.