Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Aliens and Things

This post is 99% Aliens, 1% other stuff.


It's free, it's fun, and it has aliens! Lots of them, to kill! Four players, running, gunning, "funning"? Yes, funning. I don't remember the last time I played/enjoyed a free game this much. Betas and demos don't count. Valve, you've done it again, I'm proud. Valve is the only game company I've never been disappointed in. Ever. Keep on it, keep on it. I highly suggest anyone with a computer to download it and try it. It's free.

Other aliens! Hah, you thought I would only talk about the games didn't you?
You know what? I'm sick of people making a big deal of the whole Arizona immigration law and their racial profiling bit. These people need to get their facts straight, and they need to get before its too late. Obama's too busy riding the Democrat "we need Hispanic votes" train to properly deal with the issue. Every liberal anywhere is making a fuss over how the new immigration law is lead to racial profiling. Of course it will, who are we trying to get to leave the country? Whose pouring over that Arizona border? Mexicans. Okay, I'll be fair, Hispanics in general. But check this out right here. Statistics!
See that? Over 22 million illegals, only 600,000 who aren't Mexican. I bet most of them are Asian(haha). Take a peek at the rest of the numbers. All the money lost to educating their children and lost to the social services provided for them like housing, food stamps, and medicare. let's not even talk about all the money they are being paid and sending out of the States and out of our economy. Okay, once again, I'll be fair. They are sending that money to families who need it. But personally, I think there are Americans in our country who  need that money also. And at least when it goes to them, it recirculates back into the US economy. All those jobs taken up by illegals, that could be taken by US citizens. The economy would be much better if 11 million jobs opened up, don't you think so?
So all those people who say its going to lead to racial profiling, eat it. That's what its supposed to do. All those people who say illegals are vital to our economy, eat it. (I mean seriously.) Those who say it will cost too much, eat it too. It will cost, but it will cost more to do what we have been doing.

Oh, I have some good news. China recently passed a minimum law law. If the minimum wage starts rising over the next few years, US companies might start losing money for sending their factories there and stop outsourcing. Good news, right?

Yeah, I sound racist. But if you think that's bad...

To finish it all off, I'm an equal opportunity racist all right? If you give me the opportunity, I'll give you racism. It doesn't matter if you're black, white, yellow, or whatever color your skin is. Everyone has their stereotypes, I'll find one. Let me just give you some advice, grow up.

Also, did anyone else notice how Playlist totally chopped out all their music? Over half my playlist is gone, what the heck happened there? Major threat by record companies?

That's it for me, back to life.


  1. Hahaha! Russel Peters is hilarious!
    As for the aliens...I so don't get you there. lol

    Interesting blog title, :P

  2. He's a funny comedian, I found him on my random searches for new funnies.

    And I try my best with the titles, its the least I can do. lol

  3. He's Canadian I think, Russel Peters, that is. I've watched a few of his shows, so, SO funny - especially when he goes on about South Asians. LOL