Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Flying Under the Radar

The Rain Continues!
and the big news is...

Spain wins the World Cup! And bragging rights for four years!
Props to Himura who actually drew this.

Everyone watched the World Cup, everyone right? Right? Okay then, I don't need to go over it then. It was exciting, and now its over.
In other news, the rain still pours. Had a few days of sunshine and now its raining again, I like it. Now only if I didn't have to go outside and get soaked.
The next game season is coming, APB is in full swing, Starcraft 2 coming soon along with a slew of other stuff. Halo: Reach for all the bros, Need For Speed World too. I'm not all that interested in this NFS though as its not as cool as the one I really am anticipating. Anime-related, this season was about as good as the last. As in, nothing to really watch. Besides zombie apocalyptic Highschool of the Dead, there is not anything that really interests me. So I watched through both ef ~ a tale of ~ shows. Awesomely creative and artistic shows from Shaft. There's just something about their style.

Well, I have nothing else except... Vid Time!

Oops. No new and awesome vids today, I haven't surfed youtube in a while.

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