Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rainy July

Its raining. Again.

Been getting lots of rain lately, it is quite nice. I don't really have much else to say. Oh, except for Highschool of the Dead. Yipee! I was waiting for this show.

Yeah, that's right, I just gave you the credits roll. No trailer for you!

Other than HSOTD, no other anime really looks interesting to me this season. Working just ended Angel Beats too. Bakemonogatari finished, although it could have definitely used more episodes. I don't think Utawarerumono is coming out with anything more. Well, there is the Black Lagoon OVAs...

Outside of anime, I've just been playing APB and LoL day in and day out. Tried out the Need For Speed World Beta, disappointing. Oh well, we all know which Need For Speed I'm looking forward to!

Vid Time! Fan Made!

I have a feeling I'm repeating a lot of videos lately. Oh well. Bye!


  1. I am veeeery curious about this Need for Speed thing you've talked about. Hmmm...

  2. Need For Speed was the greatest racing game ever, according to me. It had those exotic cars that everyone loves, epic racetracks and nice views, and of course running from the the Red and Blue. In the recent years, they turned it into an underground street racer type thing, which was not as cool. But now they are bringing back to its roots. It gets me excited!

  3. I only ever played Need for Speed III. I know many more games were released after that one; but they were just never the same thing. And I so know what you mean by the cool cars thing - gorgeous cars. x_x I want to go back and play NFS 3 now...