Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Writing Style

Who do you write like?
Find out!

Apparently, I wrote like Mark Twain in my last post. That was beyond hilarious, I was floored. And you know what? I wrote like Stephen King for my E3 coverage, that was gold. It's like horror in games and not in a bad way. A lot of my posts were actually analyzed into making me believe I write like the awesome King. I can live with that. I should get into horror more.
Follow the link, do what it says, and have fun! And then post it here so I have something/someone to laugh at. You know you want to.

and this...

(And for the record, this post was written like James Joyce.)


  1. Oh, that was just too much fun! I checked out that writing link aaaand apparently I write like Margaret Atwood! Weeeeeeeeeeee! That just made my day; Margaret Atwood, the famous (and my favourite) Canadian author.

    Now go ahead and laugh! =D

  2. Cool! I never read anything from her, so I can't laugh. lol
    Its so fun to see who you write like though, its hilarious!