Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Stuff Here!

No, not really.
I can dream, right?

Just been watching a lot of shows lately(American shows). Burn Notice is coming to the end of its third season. Fringe and Dexter are returning next month. Marathoning Bones and watching Lie to Me whenever I am able to catch it. Did you know Supernatural got the green light to be turned into an anime? I think after Bones, I have to check out Weeds.

Game-wise, I am behind. Haven't gotten Starcraft 2 yet. HAWX2 is due out next month. Still need to upgrade my computer for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The new Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is coming out sometime in the winter, and the next Ace Combat is due out sometime next year. It's a bad time to be me.

So far, my life hasn't changed. No permanent job to relax in, still stuck in the same old rut. You know what, the economy really is bad. I just didn't think it was this bad. Oh well.

Need boredom relief? Have a video!

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  1. "It's a bad time to be me." LOL
    I know what you mean about being stuck and not being able to find work...I still haven't found anything either; here, there are jobs which I apply to nearly everyday, but I guess I just don't have the experience they're looking for. -_-
    Musn't let it crush your spirit! Hang in there!