Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Number 12 Tourist Destination


I have to say, I never thought I would ever work in a theme park. I always knew I wanted to be a part of people's lives, it was something I thought of doing since I was born in Hawaii, where tourists are a major source of income. I really like it, being a reason for people to come and have a good time. It's a great feeling. Free entry into the park is also great, and the hundreds of discounts too.
Universal Orlando is number 12 on the most visited tourist spots in the United States. Seaworld Orlando is 13, Universal California is 17.Waikiki Beach in Hawaii is 19? I always thought it was higher than that. Busch Gardens in Tampa is 21. SeaWorld San Diego is number 23. Oh, and Disney Florida is number 5. But nobody cares.
I find that interesting though, because Universal Orlando is estimated to have 6.2 million guests every year. That is approximately 16,666 people coming through the park everyday. That's a lot of people, coming to have fun, ride the coasters, and see Harry Potter. Another interesting fact, there's a lighthouse tower in Universal's Islands of Adventure. It is apparently tall enough and bright enough at night that the Federal Aviation Administration declared it as a landmark that pilots can use to fly into Orlando International Airport. Cool, right?
So I've been using my free entry into parks a lot. I still find it funny that I like SeaWorld more than any other park. It must be the Shamu effect. What sound does an orca make? Orc orc! No, not really.

So I've been spending a lot of time on the road. One hour to work and one hour back. It's a lot of silent time, which is why I listen to the radio. Music just isn't what it used to be, although smooth jazz is still good. I have to say, I miss Casey Kasem and America's Top 40 sometimes. He was just a good radio host. I miss good music. After a while, I decided to stop listening to the radio and just start listening to A State of Trance on my PSP. ASOT is so good, music for my ears.

Watching TV, Fringe is back! Yes! The Event was weird, not so great. Maybe I'll watch it later. Bones is back along with a slew of other shows like House and Dancing with the Stars. Not that I watch either of those.

Gaming time! I'm sad that my computer won't be able to handle the new Medal of Honor and I refuse to buy it for the the 360 or PS3. Oh well, I still have Starcraft 2 and Minecraft. But in a more positive light, Sonic 4 or as many like to call it, Sonic HD, I will be getting for my 360. We like to call it Sonic HD because there has been no videos of new levels, just prettier versions of levels Sonic fans are familiar with. Like...

The Labyrinth Zone!

The Casino Zone!

Still, I'll get it because there are a few new things in there and who doesn't like the new HD look? The music is as catchy as ever to boot.

Until next time!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

On Hobbies

Other than watching anime and games.
There are other things in life, right?

So after looking over my posts, I realized most of everything I talk about falls into three categories. There are shows, American television or anime, like Fringe which is starting again next week! YEAH! There are games, computer games mainly, like Starcraft 2 and Medal of Honor. And then there's music, like trance, ASOT is the greatest form of music ever. Truth.
So one might ask, but Kai, you can't be watching shows or gaming or listening to ASOT all the time? WRONG, I can do all those things all the time. Okay, let's be realistic, I have time set aside for other hobbies. Now hold on just a second, for some reason that just makes me sound unfaithful to my primary hobbies. Anyway, I avert my attention to other things every now and then.
Ever since I was a kid, I loved Legos. They were fun to build. If you had enough creativity, you could build anything. So I've been a collector for many years now. Recently I went through I decline in my Lego purchases simply because: 1) I have no space in my humble abode to display them and I hate keeping them in a box in the closet, and 2) Lego recently went through a period of making their sets easier to build with less pieces and that was no fun. Lego recently signed a contract with Disney(or Nick, I forget), so now there's a lot of themes I'm not interested in like Toy Story and Spongebob. I still like some of their other themes though, like the new Space Police line, the City line, and their architecture line(which makes great cubicle decorations by the way). I have the Space Needle on my desk at work, its quite nice. Lego's been back on the climb again though, going into new ground and releasing a transit station with a city bus and tram. Then there's the long awaited cargo trailer truck, which even has tiny Lego boxes. A while back, they started releasing these huge buildings that were tremendously huge and took a lot of pieces to build. One of those costed about $150. And now they are shipping out limited Collector's minifigs, which are all quite hilarious like the zombie and my personal fav, the sombrero man. Okay, enough about Legos, for now.

Another thing I like to collect that I just just started to acquire was the Mcfarlane Toys Halo line. I don't get all of them, but there is a few that I want to go out of my way to have on my shelf. I had a Master Chief for the longest time and I've been thinking about getting the Rookie from Halo: ODST. The latest series for the Reach generation looks quite nice, I will probably grab a Noble 6. Although I have to carefully compare it to Square Enix's version.
While we're on the subject of action figures, how about them nice looking Starcraft 2 figures coming out next year?

So as you can well see, I happen to be quite the toy collector. My room is full of Legos and things, even a few stuffed and puffy creatures from beyond. And I won't link the Ebay page for those because I'm still buying all of them. Don't ask why. I don't really know either. Some people have their Legos fight other Legos, I have mine battle it out with giant fat birds.

For a more productive and useful hobby, I like to learn about other languages. I have dictionaries of every major language I can think of and can speak probably just enough to survive if I get kidnapped and abandoned in said country. I think it's useful, or I'll be made fun of because of my noob accent. The bad thing about this hobby is that there really is nobody to practice with and nobody who shares the same hobby. It's either one other language or none other language for most people. Oh well, I'll be special. Just don't ask me to speak in other languages, I don't know why, but its kind of embarrassing unless necessary.

I've talked enough about my hobbies and link spammed enough for today. Have some videos.

People with relationships are advised against the playing of this game, glad I don't have any.

I want that album, just for the laughs. Nothing better than listening to Terran Up the Night. lol.

Okay, I'm outta here.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Awkward Moments

You know, those kinds of moments.

I've been having a lot of those, you know, the times when nobody says anything because nobody knows what to say. So I was walking around at work the other day(my work involves a giant theme park that doesn't have that mouse), when a girl walks up to me and hits on me. That's rare, I thought she was joking or it was like a bet from her friends. Regardless, it was awkward.
There was another time I was making an sandwich and left to go do something really quickly. When I came back, my friend was eating it. Awkward silence, and then I socked him.
The best awkward silences, at least to me, are the ones right after someone's told a joke and everyone laughs. Then its all silent and nobody knows what to say. Those are great. Yeah.

In other news, I finally caught up to society and bought Starcraft 2 with my first paycheck. I am enjoying this game, thoroughly. But I am also totally noobing it up on multiplayer. I haven't gotten stomped this badly since the first time I played a first person shooter. Let me tell you, there are some hardcore players out there. Lighten up on the noob guys, at least let me think for a while that I can win. Please? Okay, fine.

Moving on, I have one heck of an annoying song stuck in my head. Here! Maybe I can ruin your day too.

Changing the subject, let's get back to games. Medal of Honor looks downright amazing, to me anyway. Some people say that's enough of the "modern warfare" genre. But I say so what? We had like a decade of World War 2 games, I can have my modern warfare games for at least 5 more years. Seriously, multiplayer looks so good. I can't wait to spend my money.

Anime-wise, I've dropped so many shows its almost not worth watching anymore. Its sad really. All my friends ask me what anime is good this season and I have nothing to tell them. I thought Highschool of the Dead would be awesome, but its just a fanservice machine. Break Blade(or Broken Blade) is actually kind of boring, even though it had a good OP. Ookami-san is riding on Taiga/tsundere fanfare, and Amagami is just another harem show. Occult Academy is just plain weird and Black Rock Shooter wasn't for me. Either my tastes in anime have gone up, or production standards have gone down. So sad.
I will say this though, I'm looking forward to finally seeing Unlimited Blade Works.

In terms of music, anyone else listen to ASOT? I mean seriously, its so awesome. Why doesn't anyone else listen to it? Am I the only one? Really? Come on.
What about MOGRA? Well, to be honest, its not that great. Its like the otaku version of trance. People get giddy when they recognize a certain anime tune being thrown into the mix. I have to be honest, I was hooked for a while. But I could never catch the live broadcasts and sometimes the mixes were rather under par.

Okay, all that talk was rather awesome, but back to boring stuff. I know I have been having a lot of dreams lately, but I can't remember them when I wake up for the life of me. I am certain some of them were really awesome or scary or comedic. I also have a habit of waking up on the floor when I fell asleep in bed, one more for awkward moments.
Oh, you know what else is awkward? Waking up, getting ready for work, eating breakfast really fast, jumping in the car, then realizing you have the day off. Yeah, walking back inside and meeting my buddy still eating breakfast is kind of awkward. This happened twice in the same week, in a row.
Did I mention I am finally determined to get my camera? I am saving up to buy myself a Pentax k-x for Christmas. So pictures of Christmas I guess, although it doesn't snow in Florida, I'll find something. Now that I have an income again, time for me to revitalize the US economy with my spending.
And one more awkward moment for the road. Walking into a glass door with people watching, that was awkward. It was at a bank too.

ASOT! Seriously, take a listen and believe.

Just a few years ago, I never liked vocals in my trance. Now I do, if its done nicely.

Good night world!