Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Awkward Moments

You know, those kinds of moments.

I've been having a lot of those, you know, the times when nobody says anything because nobody knows what to say. So I was walking around at work the other day(my work involves a giant theme park that doesn't have that mouse), when a girl walks up to me and hits on me. That's rare, I thought she was joking or it was like a bet from her friends. Regardless, it was awkward.
There was another time I was making an sandwich and left to go do something really quickly. When I came back, my friend was eating it. Awkward silence, and then I socked him.
The best awkward silences, at least to me, are the ones right after someone's told a joke and everyone laughs. Then its all silent and nobody knows what to say. Those are great. Yeah.

In other news, I finally caught up to society and bought Starcraft 2 with my first paycheck. I am enjoying this game, thoroughly. But I am also totally noobing it up on multiplayer. I haven't gotten stomped this badly since the first time I played a first person shooter. Let me tell you, there are some hardcore players out there. Lighten up on the noob guys, at least let me think for a while that I can win. Please? Okay, fine.

Moving on, I have one heck of an annoying song stuck in my head. Here! Maybe I can ruin your day too.

Changing the subject, let's get back to games. Medal of Honor looks downright amazing, to me anyway. Some people say that's enough of the "modern warfare" genre. But I say so what? We had like a decade of World War 2 games, I can have my modern warfare games for at least 5 more years. Seriously, multiplayer looks so good. I can't wait to spend my money.

Anime-wise, I've dropped so many shows its almost not worth watching anymore. Its sad really. All my friends ask me what anime is good this season and I have nothing to tell them. I thought Highschool of the Dead would be awesome, but its just a fanservice machine. Break Blade(or Broken Blade) is actually kind of boring, even though it had a good OP. Ookami-san is riding on Taiga/tsundere fanfare, and Amagami is just another harem show. Occult Academy is just plain weird and Black Rock Shooter wasn't for me. Either my tastes in anime have gone up, or production standards have gone down. So sad.
I will say this though, I'm looking forward to finally seeing Unlimited Blade Works.

In terms of music, anyone else listen to ASOT? I mean seriously, its so awesome. Why doesn't anyone else listen to it? Am I the only one? Really? Come on.
What about MOGRA? Well, to be honest, its not that great. Its like the otaku version of trance. People get giddy when they recognize a certain anime tune being thrown into the mix. I have to be honest, I was hooked for a while. But I could never catch the live broadcasts and sometimes the mixes were rather under par.

Okay, all that talk was rather awesome, but back to boring stuff. I know I have been having a lot of dreams lately, but I can't remember them when I wake up for the life of me. I am certain some of them were really awesome or scary or comedic. I also have a habit of waking up on the floor when I fell asleep in bed, one more for awkward moments.
Oh, you know what else is awkward? Waking up, getting ready for work, eating breakfast really fast, jumping in the car, then realizing you have the day off. Yeah, walking back inside and meeting my buddy still eating breakfast is kind of awkward. This happened twice in the same week, in a row.
Did I mention I am finally determined to get my camera? I am saving up to buy myself a Pentax k-x for Christmas. So pictures of Christmas I guess, although it doesn't snow in Florida, I'll find something. Now that I have an income again, time for me to revitalize the US economy with my spending.
And one more awkward moment for the road. Walking into a glass door with people watching, that was awkward. It was at a bank too.

ASOT! Seriously, take a listen and believe.

Just a few years ago, I never liked vocals in my trance. Now I do, if its done nicely.

Good night world!


  1. LOL! This post was fun to read - you should write more often like this. Little observations from your everyday life, so funny! Especially the last awkward moment - that happened to me once, but at a mall. I hit it so hard I actually fell back, then got up, mortified (!!!), and ran out. x_x

    And I might have mentioned this before, but that 2nd track on your playlist is amazing!

    As for the song stuck in your head...lol! That was me weeks ago; I actually have another one of Katy Perry's songs stuck in my head now: Teenage Dream. >_>

    Good luck with the camera-buying! ^_^

  2. Walking into glass is extremely embarassing, but always funny afterward.

    and I think you did mention it before, it is great. Martin O'Donnell is pretty talented.

    I heard Teenage Dream too... I need to stop listening to the radio when I'm driving, or keep it on the jazz station. Mindy Abair :)

  3. LOL! That's exactly what I do too - and that's exactly what I keep telling myself too; stop listening to the radio when you're driving, and if you have to, listen to either 680 news, which is a simple news station with weather and traffic every 10 mins, OR listen to your favourite jazz radio..and then hope that they play a LOT of Mindy Abair! ^_^

    And whoops, but yes, Martin O' Donnell is now my new favourite artist. Where did you first hear this track anyway?

  4. Playing Halo actually lol.
    Martin O'Donnell is the composer for all Halo games.