Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Number 12 Tourist Destination


I have to say, I never thought I would ever work in a theme park. I always knew I wanted to be a part of people's lives, it was something I thought of doing since I was born in Hawaii, where tourists are a major source of income. I really like it, being a reason for people to come and have a good time. It's a great feeling. Free entry into the park is also great, and the hundreds of discounts too.
Universal Orlando is number 12 on the most visited tourist spots in the United States. Seaworld Orlando is 13, Universal California is 17.Waikiki Beach in Hawaii is 19? I always thought it was higher than that. Busch Gardens in Tampa is 21. SeaWorld San Diego is number 23. Oh, and Disney Florida is number 5. But nobody cares.
I find that interesting though, because Universal Orlando is estimated to have 6.2 million guests every year. That is approximately 16,666 people coming through the park everyday. That's a lot of people, coming to have fun, ride the coasters, and see Harry Potter. Another interesting fact, there's a lighthouse tower in Universal's Islands of Adventure. It is apparently tall enough and bright enough at night that the Federal Aviation Administration declared it as a landmark that pilots can use to fly into Orlando International Airport. Cool, right?
So I've been using my free entry into parks a lot. I still find it funny that I like SeaWorld more than any other park. It must be the Shamu effect. What sound does an orca make? Orc orc! No, not really.

So I've been spending a lot of time on the road. One hour to work and one hour back. It's a lot of silent time, which is why I listen to the radio. Music just isn't what it used to be, although smooth jazz is still good. I have to say, I miss Casey Kasem and America's Top 40 sometimes. He was just a good radio host. I miss good music. After a while, I decided to stop listening to the radio and just start listening to A State of Trance on my PSP. ASOT is so good, music for my ears.

Watching TV, Fringe is back! Yes! The Event was weird, not so great. Maybe I'll watch it later. Bones is back along with a slew of other shows like House and Dancing with the Stars. Not that I watch either of those.

Gaming time! I'm sad that my computer won't be able to handle the new Medal of Honor and I refuse to buy it for the the 360 or PS3. Oh well, I still have Starcraft 2 and Minecraft. But in a more positive light, Sonic 4 or as many like to call it, Sonic HD, I will be getting for my 360. We like to call it Sonic HD because there has been no videos of new levels, just prettier versions of levels Sonic fans are familiar with. Like...

The Labyrinth Zone!

The Casino Zone!

Still, I'll get it because there are a few new things in there and who doesn't like the new HD look? The music is as catchy as ever to boot.

Until next time!


  1. Back to work for you..^^

    Hey, your new blog title is interesting. What does it mean? I think it means something to me or maybe what I think the author's blog represents, but it could obviously mean something totally different to you. Hmmm.. and what if that was your intention - to come up with a 'vague and interesting' title and leave it up to interpretation, perception...?

  2. Honestly, it could mean a lot of things. I'd love to hear your interpretation of it. Originally, I thought of making a funny with the anime, A Certain Magical Index. But when I thought about, I liked this title so much that it came to mean other things. It's like a modern historical document for me. I used to call it a file cabinet, an index if you will. I'll take credit for that one, that was totally my intention. :D

  3. Well, I was close to your interpretation then...Sort of, or at least the 'history' part you mentioned. I thought it was interesting, because it felt like you were a) recording the happenings of your life + anything you found interesting in the world. But the moment you did that's when it became history...Did that just make sense?
    And the file cabinet, yes, that was one cool title. Ingenious. ^^ This one, at least your interpretation of it is pretty close that title. The part that makes this title so neat- even after all the other stuff like "modernized index"- is probably the "certain".
    And of course, it's close to an anime you once watched, so that probably meant something to you too.

    There. That was analysis for the day. lol

  4. Awesome interpretation is awesome.