Saturday, October 9, 2010

Awake at Night

It's not Insomnia.

The original song is so much slower and not as great in my opinion.

So more and more, I find myself tossing and turning at night for a while. After that, I give up and get out of bed to do other things. In this state of consciousness, I have discovered things that I miss when I'm usually out cold. There is a sports complex somewhere across the lake. I always thought they would turn off their extremely bright lights sometime during the night. They don't, it goes off around the crack of dawn. Such a waste of electricity.
The cats are extremely active at night, and that was why they were so lethargic during the daytime hours. They also drink lake water, I don't know why. I think that's kind of weird for some reason when we give them tap water to drink.
I can see the stars again. I couldn't see the stars in Atlanta, too many bright lights or clouded nights. I stayed up for an entire night just staring up at the night sky on the beach. Surprisingly, the mosquitoes aren't as active as the cats are. Those pesky insects are most active during the evening, early night, and early morning. I could stand outside for hours at night and not get a million insect bites. That is sort of awesome in its own way.
Laket water is cold, but only on the top. At night, the first few feet are cooled by the night. But underneath that, there's warm water closer to the bottom. I really shouldn't go into the water at night though. That's horror movie material right there.
I was also surprised at myself. I used to see a lot of crazy hallucinations during my college years. Years of horror movies, horror games, loads of drugs(like aspirin and stuff), sleep deprivation, and stress, caused my brain to be a little messed up. I can't say that its all gone. I still feel the presence of something at night, but now I can honestly say that its probably my imagination. Its nice to have a peaceful night.
Unlike when I was in college, nothing is open late in this small town. Everything is closed, even Taco Bell. The town is completely silent, its almost creepy. But its also quite awesome. Oh, I forgot, the Wal-Mart is open. Always open. Forever.
Night driving is rather nice. I wish gas was cheaper, I'd do it every night. Well, maybe not every night. I heard there were some deserted streets around that would be used by street racers at night. That's cool. Some of the roads around here remind me of Need For Speed tracks. There aren't even any cops around at night. Truthfully, there probably are some. But I haven't seen any.

All that aside, what do people do to go to sleep? Some people can just go right to sleep in like a minute. They're down and out in a flash. I kind of wish I could be like that, but I'm a light sleeper. That isn't happening for me. I have trouble going to sleep, staying asleep, and waking up.
I heard a lot of solutions over the years. Like read a book. I do that, I'll be up all night reading. Tried that, didn't work. Warm milk. I really liked that idea. And to some extent, I think it worked. Sometimes. Exercise. That totally didn't work. One thing I noticed is that when I'm falling asleep, my heartbeat gets slower. Exercise speeds it up. Yeah, that didn't work. Watch television was a great suggestion. No, not really. I can't fall asleep when there's a television or radio on in the room.
Sidetracking for a moment, there was sleep study done a long while ago. People who slept in rooms with a lot of electronic devices turned on had less restful sleep than people who had little or no electronic devices turned on. After I learned that, I turned everything off except my alarm clock and cell phone. My computer is a huge noise maker, I didn't realize before that because I always had music playing. The ceiling fan too, but I need that to cool down the room at night sometimes.
That's it for the sleep study. I can assure you that there will be more to hear of that subject in the future.
I really can't believe music can help people sleep. Leave music playing and I'll be awake all night. It does ease me a little into a sleep-inducing state though, it just won't get me all the way. I remember I used to joke with people about just knocking me out and I would get my sleep that way. When I think about it, that wouldn't work either. Besides the chance of not getting knocked out and experiencing the pain, I would only be out for a few minutes at best. Then it would a night of miserable headache pain. Not the best of my ideas.

One last thing, I miss the view of a city at night from the top of a parking garage. If you can, I urge everyone to see that view, It's quite nice and it always has a nice breeze and good view. I used to see it alone until a few friends came along. Then we decided thatwe would eat Taco Bell on the top of the parking garage at least once a week as a friendly get together. Good times. I can't do that anymore. No city, no parking garage. Sigh. Oh well.

I wish there was a radio station that played this kind of music at night. "Night Driving Music". Oh well, the closest thing is jazz.

One more for the road!

Honolulu Saturday Night Speedway!

Sleep easy folks!(Please don't fall asleep on the road.)


  1. Don't fall asleep on the road, totally...I've heard about way too many horrible car crashes. x_x
    It's interesting that you wrote about your sleeping habits this time. I totally agree with the noiseless environment thing; I can't sleep at all if there's light or any kind of sound in the room. I'm the type who would chuck anything possible at her sister if she was breathing too loud at night. >_>
    Anyway, yeah, exercise doesn't work for everyone but I have heard about the relationship between exercising a few hours before bed time and sleeping easier that night. Just...never exercise right before bed time because that gets all those chemicals (neurotransmitters and such) racing around your body and that they don't exactly relax the body, lol.

    You sure stay out late...o_o That's sort of creepy and scary, don't you think?

    Stay safe, hope you sleep better!

  2. I usually wander about from 1-3 AM. A lot of my friends are still awake at time especially the ones who live in different timezones. I don't think its creepy, its kind of cool and interesting to see the world at such an hour at night!

  3. I'm sorry, I meant being awake and being outside at night... Otherwise, if you're awake and just at home then that's okay, right; I'm just thinking about safety, I guess... ^_^

  4. I am outside at night, its fun too! A little dangerous perhaps, but I'm used to it. When it comes to safety, I just make sure I'm totally alone or in a group of people.

  5. Well if you look at it from a daring-and-exciting-and-it's-so-quiet-and-the-world-is-silent kind of way then I guess I could imagine it as being quite a lot of fun. ^^

    Oh, and I just remembered why that second piece on your playlist stands out so much for me..It reminds me of the music of Enigma. Please tell me that you -have- heard of Enigma, their music is amazing, in an eerie-but-somehow-it-just-connects kind of way.

  6. I have heard and listened to Enigma before. And I never noticed it before, but you are right. It does remind of that when I listen to them both. Interesting.

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