Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well, I try.

I figured that my writing spirit has gone nowhere fast in the past few weeks, so I gave it a break. I'd rather watch all this anime coming and play all these games. Cities XL 2011 just came out, so I'm once again stuck in a city-sim as a pretend mayor who thinks he can manage a city as awesome as anyone can. I have to say, although it doesn't look a lot different, Cities 2011 is most certainly different. Awesomely different.

It very detailed in what you can do, even more than the previous Cities XL. The addition of mass transit makes managing traffic easier. More landmarks mean better looks for your city. The trade mechanism is fixed, allowing you to actually make money off a single resource like oil. The game itself has been optimized greatly, allowing for bigger cities with less lag. The best part? I got Cities XL, so I got to buy Cities XL 2011 for half off. Heck yes.

Also, I just got Sonic 4-I mean, Sonic HD. I already spammed enough videos of it here, so I won;t bother. I can't believe I paid $15 for five levels. Well, technically fifteen since there were three levels in each stage. Still, it felt kind of short. Very much so. But I won't say I was disappointed, because I most certainly was not. It was fun and I enjoyed it. For fans of the old-school sonic, this game is it.

Now to today's main topic, art! I recently finished doodling two sketches that seemed to have materialized out of thin air.

Now if you can't recognize that character, you've either A)been living under a rock, or B)haven't read my past few posts about. Well there's also C)my drawing skills aren't as great as I wished them to be. But anyway, after watching Oreimo, I figured I had to do something. This happened to be that something. If anything, I screwed over after the scan during the clean-up. Oh well.

Then there's this one! I finished it in one day, quite a surprise to myself. The motivation stemmed out of friendly conversation that was rather random. I found out that using the first letter of my first name and my last name, I could arrange it(I won't tell you how) and form the word "miko". In Japanese, miko mean shrine priestess. I always thought the entire "nuns with guns" genre in anime was downright hilarious, so that's the reason for the FN F2000. And Exorcist 2000(AD) is just the modern tool for hunting down the supernatural, I guess. Anyway, I inevitably called it "Miko-chama".
Did I mention I have a DevArt? And now I have something to put on there?

Okay, I'm done, time to leave you with something funny.


  1. draw pretty well! That's seriously amazing! o_o The writing creative juices go down and suddenly you can draw? Wish I could do that, lol

  2. It works in a strange way, I can't do both at the same time, its an either/or kind of deal with my mind.

  3. Well, keep at it, wherever your mind takes you that is. Remember that thing about building synapses between neurons and all? It's important to keep working on a skill and perfecting it whenever you can, otherwise you lose those connections and they die. ^_^

  4. Well that explains why I can't ride a bike anymore. lol

  5. should be able to ride a bike. O_o It's procedural memory, it returns when you try that 'forgotten' activity again. Maybe not as perfectly as before, but it does come back with more practice. Not sure if it's the same for musical skills, though; like playing the piano...

  6. I nearly killed myself trying to ride a bike again a few months ago, now I instinctively avoid them. I'm sure I could ride one again if I really tried, but I'm too lazy. lol