Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On Habits

Good or Bad?

I really had nothing to talk about today, but I didn't want a lame and uneventful update. So while I am finding something awesome to talk about, I'll talk about habits instead. Which is actually quite hilarious, as I have a ton of habits that are horrible and I can't break.
I don't really know if it counts as a habit, but I can't get up in the morning for the life of me. My cell phone alarm, my alarm clock, and my computer. All of those at once are needed for me to get enough strength to roll out of bed where the force of the impact into the floor jars my brain into a state of semi-awareness.
I have to have that unhealthy, cheap Chinese food every week at least once. When I really thought about it, it feels like I need something cheap and fattening every week more than once. Maybe it was because I was raised off fast food(no idea how I'm still twig thin), or maybe it was a habit engraved during my college years. I'm quite positive that I liked fast food before college though. Or maybe its just because I like the neat little Chinese food takeout boxes.
I got to game, always, almost every day. Well, that's not so bad. It's like an outlet, everyone has to have a few of those. Most of my spending money goes to games or my computer. The only other thing that comes close in cost is my car. And food. Maybe I spend an hour or two gaming every day, a little more on off days. Not like there's anything else to do.

Another habit of mine, I call the 5-1. Do five good things for people in a day. It used to be the 5-0, because I didn't mind not getting a good deed in return. But life has a way of surprising me and always gives me one back. It's a nice concept in theory, if everyone does five good things, good stuff will happen to them right? Well, its optimism. We need more good in this world full of craptastic stuff. (Seeing the fansubbers use that word in Yosuga no Sora made me roll with laughter.)
I like to save money, like almost all of it. When I was kid I would save all my money like a squirrel with acorns. Now I have things to spend it on, but I'm still hoarding in my bank accounts. That's not a bad thing, it's just that I look poor to people who don't know I have those savings. I don't spend much on anything except bills and games, so it appears to others that I only have enough to pay for bills and a few games. I get to snicker at them and play my games.
Habits are fun, its fun to notice other people's habits. I'm sure I have a lot more that other people notice and laugh at. Habits are like what makes us people I guess.

Now for awesome things!
A new level shown for Sonic HD! Its like the old Metropolis zone.

I think I'll get it from Xbox Live, although I wish they made it for the PSP.

In other gaming-related news. I just joined in on the Medal of Honor Beta. I like the combat mission that looks a lot like this because it is this...

They ran through that like a steamroller, that never happens. That's only like half of the entire mission which takes about 10-15 minutes depending on how awesome your team is. Or how awesome the enemy team is. Either way, awesome.

Supreme Commander 2 just came out with new downloadable content, it was a great addition to the already nice game. The AI is so much harder, like it HAX. And everyone likes the Monkeylord.

There was also this I got to play.

BILL! That was totally epic. Hands down.

Moving on from games.

Pacific Paradise is good. I thumbs up this guy for finding it a placing in his "best" section. If one has time, they should listen to his selected stuff.

In anime coming this season.

I find it hilarious that I pay more attention to the male voice actors more than the female ones now. The females ones come a dime a dozen, but the same male voices get used over and over again.
That was "Ore no Imouto" with even a longer title than I'll bother with. I just call it "Oreimo" like everyone else does. Surprisingly, from what I hear, its actually a pretty realistic depiction of a brother and his little sister. Their relationship only goes as far as recognizing that the other merely exists. Finally, some reality.
Is it just me or was that tune kind of catchy? Anyway, why is it always that the guy's pupils are much smaller than the girl's in anime. How weird, silly Japanese anime.

There's A Certain Magical Index 2, which I had to show because I like it so much.

There's also The World God Only Knows, Star Driver, Bakuman(from the writer of Death Note), Fortune Arterial, Yosuga no Sora, and we can't forget Iron Man.

And here's a few vids I'll end the day with.

This one is oh so old and received so much flame, but I still like it. If they're one good thing that came out of Sonic, it was that the 3D Sonic used in Sonice the Hedgehog 2006 is still used in Sonic Unleashed and the upcoming Sonic Colors for the Wii.

Have a great day folks! Remember, eat unhealthy! Hey, wait...


  1. Awesome topic and good fun to read!
    And I'm the exact opposite when it comes to waking up. I wake up really early everyday and the softest of sounds can wake me up, which is kind of annoying because that means I'm waking up a lot and then struggling to go back to sleep. On most days I cannot stay in bed after 8, it feels like such a waste of the morning, lol.
    As for the fooding, lol, I love your unhealthy Chinese food habit. Wish I could have that, but in my family we try not to eat out a lot. It's apparently, too expensive. Hm, unhealthy eating...Should try a bit of that.

    That Iron Man anime...Now that's something I really want to watch. Will you watch it?

  2. Surprisingly enough, I am a light sleeper. I often wake up in the middle of the night for no reason. I think its because I used to stay up really late. So in order to wake up at the right time every morning, I set my alarm an hour earlier so i can start fighting my way out of bed. lol
    This Chinese food habit is rather expensive, at least 5-6$ a lunch. If I ate out every week, which I do, its at least 20-30$ spent a month. Who knows what I could be doing with those savings. I wouldn't suggest it though, as tasty as it might be, its also very unhealthy.

    And I am totally going to watch Iron Man the anime. The movies were awesome, this should be too.