Saturday, October 23, 2010

What I Do On Off Days

Nothing in particular.

I mean seriously, my life is kind of empty as of late. Outside of work, I literally do nothing. There's the lawn, which I work on. There's some games like Cities XL 2011 and TV shows like Fringe. I work on art and writing from time to time, but that's about it. It was a big deal when I went to Wal-Mart the other day. Seriously, Wal-Mart. My life is bland and lame, its needs some spicing on the spicy spice. And ketchup. For the first time in several months, I washed my car. It was shiny for a whole two minutes before a cat sat on it. I exacted horrifying revenge on that cat by eating it. Tasty Chinese.

In anime related things, I think I'm watching everything simply because I'm bored. I usually drop a few shows by now, but I'm still watching everything I mentioned before. The only one I really look forward to every week is Ore no Imouto. Don't ask me why. Could be worse, could be the winter season and I could be looking forward to Dragon Crisis. Because we're all just crazy about dragons. Add the moe element and its sure win, right? Sigh.

Switching to games, I'm still playing Cities XL 2011. I can't believe I can have so much playing a city sim. It feels more fun that some of the other shooters that I play. There's just always something to do and you're not sitting around waiting to respawn. Traffic management, zoning new residential areas so people can move in, and trying to expand the profit-inducing industrial sector without letting its pollution start bothering the citizens. Add to that the constant pestering for city services like police stations, fire stations, and hospitals. Then there's natural resources like electricity and water. And of course, waste management. This game is awesome. It's kind of like Simcity, except better.
The best part? Changing the time of day so I can see what my city looks like at any time of the day. And trying to place buildings at midnight is hilariously hard. For those who have the money to spare, I definitely recommend it. I may even start posting pictures of my city as it gets larger. I haven't even reached 100,000 residents yet and its getting crazy.
Cities XL 2011 totally made me forget about Medal of Honor.

Moving on, more art things! I had the chance to draw two more pictures that I feel like displaying. I think it feels easier for me to draw than it has been in the past. It used to take me days to draw something when I first started. Now it'll only take me a few hours mostly because I like to distract myself.

I drew Sonic! Kinda. This one was the most fun for me to draw actually. I liked drawing the Robotnik pod thing with the giant wrecking ball. And the caterpillar Badnik was fun too. Trying to draw the robot from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 was too hard and I had no reference pictures for the newest eggbot that appears in Sonic Unleashed. Either way, it was a fun doodle. 19 years and Sonic's still my favorite character. And Tails too.

Then there's this one. It's actually a character I drew for DevArt that became my first submission to that site. As the picture was so old, I decided to renew it with my slightly better art skills that I gained over the years. Since I had already sketched out this character more times than I can remember, she was easy to draw again. Every time I look at it though, I think something's off. But I can't figure out what, so oh well.

That's all I have for today. I've been stuck listening to Hawaii KSSK Radio again and Vertical Horizon.

And that one I heard on KSSK. They play it quite often.

Bye! Time for me to do nothing at all!


  1. Wow...

    And that last picture you drew...I think I know what you mean by something's off. Maybe. First I thought it was the coat/jacket over her shoulders. But it could also be her it too small? I don't know...But it's still a very good sketch. Sonic is the best of course, though!

    Cat Chinese or Chinese Cat? o_o Poor kitty, though...

  2. Sonic is totally the best. Contrary to popular opinion, I think the latest games are pretty fun and awesome.

    Cat Chinese food, it was delicious. But of course, I'm just joking. Not really. But seriously. lol

  3. I wouldn't be surprised anyway with Cat Chinese food. O.o I mean with you around, anything seems possible.