Saturday, August 20, 2011

While I'm Busy

Working on the next post with actual content.
Until then, enjoy these!

SNSD - Gee

SNSD - Oh!

Girl's Day - Twinkle Twinkle

Girl's Day - Hug Me Once

Okay, enough K-pop for you!

Kai out!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mass Effect 3 and Stereotypes

I had posts I wanted to publish before this.
But this has my utmost attention today.

Let me start first by saying that I love Mass Effect, I spent countless hours on it. I spent hours sculpting clone Shepards on their character builder. I've built two of both male and female Shepard, one Paragon and one Renegade. To me, a Paragon and a Renegade had to look different. I loved playing Mass Effect and its sequel, I used so many hours just to explore and strip mine entire galaxies for all that they were worth. I played through the game multiple times to see the different endings, from everyone living happily ever after to the Joker ending. I honestly love this game and all that it has to offer.
So when Bioware announced that Mass Effect 3 would grace the world with its holy presence, I was excited to say the least. They also announced that aside from default male Shepard being immortalized on the box, they would also utilize the other side of the box for female Shepard.
Here I was thinking, "oh, they're going to use the default one. That's cool." Silly me, that's just a foolish idea. They are making a new female Shepard for the Mass Effect fans to drool over. My response? "Okay, that's cool too. Default female Shepard was kind of old anyway. And they're going to let us vote, that's pretty sweet."
I have nothing against Bioware and Mass Effect, let me make that clear. Bioware allowing their players to vote for the female Shepard that would appear on the box art was an awesome move. That's like letting bros decide what Master Chief looks like under his helmet. I dig that, go new female Shepard. Let me vote! These were the choices(click on for full view).

And so I did, I gazed over the choices, delighted at each of them. I made my choice, the blonde one. Why? Don't ask me that, of course I'd choose the blonde one. I like blondes, my Paragon female Shepard was a blonde. And out of the choices at the time, the blonde had the best hairstyle in my opinion. And then we start slipping into the downward spiral.
After the voting was over, my choice-blonde female Shepard- won by a long shot. I rejoiced, I was about to preorder my own box of Mass Effect 3. Then the forums and any other form of social media started to bitch and whine about it. "Why would female Shepard be blonde?" They said. "What? Is she going to carry around a stylish handbag and purse too? She can't fight, she will be too worried about breaking a nail. Let's not forget she's blonde, so she must be as dumb as rocks."
I just could not reply to that. Stereotyping in my games, that hurt. But I was willing to let it go and move on. Either way, blonde version was going on the box. All the stereotyping insults aside, I did find it rather hilarious in a mean way. I laughed it away and continued on with my life.
Then it escalated. The same idiots who cried out their little generalized remarks about blonde Shepard actually managed to convince Bioware that somehow, people did not want blonde Shepard. And so, Bioware in their infinite wisdom, decided that a second voting round would put an end to the entire debate. Once again, nothing against Bioware, they are just doing their job and listening to their fans. Nothing wrong with that. So here are the options for round numero dos.

The one thing they did do wrong was the choices for the second round. Same design for blonde Shepard, and the rest of the choices are just duplicates of her hair design with different color schemes. This was stemmed by an overall agreed upon comment that blonde Shepard's hairstyle was the best. So all the choices have the same hair getup. At the time of this post, red-haired Shepard is winning by a long margin. As much as I am disappointed that my choice will not survive round two, I'll admit defeat to the reds. Default female Shepard was originally a redhead.
That isn't what gets on my nerves. What got me irked is the reason that the red haired one was chosen. Simply because of the fact that redheads are stereotyped as being a firebrand. So, they usurped the first popular choice by using the blonde stereotype. And then, they use another stereotype to defend the second choice. Good job guys, you're fantastic. Either way, you're stuck with the blonde's hairstyle.
I could just be bitter that my choice didn't win, I most likely am. I could be drunk also, maybe even wasted. But that doesn't change the fact that stereotyping is wrong. Nobody said anything when default male Shepard was chosen. The fact that he looks like your typical marine with a buzzcut and scars was fine by everyone. And also, nobody cared. Because everyone made their own version of him. And that's what everyone will do again. And that's what I'll do for my female Shepard. I won't mind having a redhead on the cover. It will only remind me of the ignorant morons that made it happen every time I glance at the cover. But that's okay, those idiots make the world go round. I'll live, and they will probably live longer.
But that does not mean stereotyping is okay. I'm pissed that blonde Shepard was dismissed because everyone thinks that they're the ditzy, cosmopolitan, frail, and stupid type. I'm also pissed that every single hot-headed, ready-for-action firebrand has to be a redhead. Male Shepard remains his stereotyped self, and now female Shepard is too. The defenders for the redhead said they want to avoid the stereotype of having the female being presented as a blonde which is predominant in American culture. They don't want an American stereotype representing their Mass Effect mascot. Congratulations, they replaced it with another. God bless America, we still win.
All that said and done, I'm still looking forward to Mass Effect 3. Maybe I can get Bioware to make me a personal box with blond female Shepard(yeah, right). I can't wait for it, the action and the excitement. I want to play as Joker. I'll just leave this trailer here.

(Also, I voted for blonde Shepard twice. Hah!)

Kai, outta here like a tree!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Back From The Void

I have returned.

I have to say this, I am really, truly tired. Exhausted, fatigued, weak, in desperate need of some R&R. Working all day, all week, and then doing chores in my spare is becoming the end of me. This will all end soon when I return to college to further my education. Starting in the end of August, I'm going back to school. With that, I'll have some free time to do what I want to do and talk about it too.
There's a lot I want to talk about, games, movies, TV, anime, news, and such. I also think I'll bring back the good ol' papers to put me back in the academia mood. Rants are definitely coming back in, because I like having an outlet. Did I mention I have a camera now? That's means pictures, folks. Exciting times. But I'm tired and its late, so until next time!

Kai out!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Quiet Day

Today's a special day for me.
It's my birthday.

I usually let it pass quietly, unnoticed by all.
I was content to continue the tradition this year.
My friends surprised me.
For today, I wish everyone a good and happy day. Let there peace.
Take all your troubles and save it for tomorrow.
Today, relax. Chill. Peace.

Once again, thanks everyone!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The working of the "boss" magical pet and the "worker bees" magical girls.
I will have assumed the readers are up-to-date on Madoka Magica.

By now, everyone thinks that Kyubey is evil and probably into little girls. But no, I refuse to accept that. Kyubey is just doing what he's supposed to do and he's good at it. He got Mami, Sayaka, Kyoko, and might eventually contract Madoka. He's good at his job, it's his purpose after all.
Kyubey's like that door-to-door salesman, he's a businessman. He's annoying, he finds any opportunity to catch you out in your yard, he takes advantage of your good will, but he's effective. He got you to buy whatever he's selling just so he would leave you alone. Just like those girl scouts last week that threatened to kick you where it hurts unless you bought their cookies.

So anyway, Kyubey's the boss(like a boss). And he's successfully employed little girls to do what he orders them to, which in this case is to kill witches and evil things. This deed awards them with those little dark grief seeds which will replenish their magical powers. But what does Kyubey get? Who knows? Maybe he gets ermine dollars like Chamo. Chamo got money for every pactio Negi formed. If that's the case, maybe Kyubey's just making ends meet. The more he contracts, the better life gets for him.

Getting back to the mad grab for grief seeds, there's more to be explored there. As Kyoko explained, the magical girl business isn't a play for righteousness. They're in it for the money, and that money is the grief seeds. They have to get these things, its essential to their survival as a magical girl. Without it, their powers would darken and they would eventually lose the fight against the witches. The supply doesn't match the demand either, every magical girl has her hunting territory, her very own turf. With Mami out of the picture, her ground is up for grabs.

Just like there's competition for grief seeds among magical girls, there should be competition for magical girls among magical pet things. Certainly, Kyubey can't be the only one out there contracting girls to do this magical girl bit. There has to be others out there and the competition is there too. Kyubey said himself that Madoka is special, she's a rare gem and he wants to cash in on this find before maybe another magical thing does. Even more so now that Mami bit the bullet.

So let's not call Kyubey evil just yet, okay? He's just doing what he has to do and he does it well. After all, if it wasn't for his contracting, you'd be committing mass suicide in a dark warehouse with people you don't know while you weren't even conscious.

And on a final note, I find Kyubey's look kind of weird. Are those ears coming out of his ears? And his tail is larger than his whole body, that's some unbalance right there. Then again, he's magical so anything goes I guess.

Did I mention I think this show is great for being so dark and evil?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shifting Back Into Gear

But really.

Mami Tomoe, my favorite character of the season for teaching us the greatest lesson: Death is the greatest teacher.

I have finally found a schedule to fit into my daily life of unorganized to-do's, need-to-do's, and haven't-done-yet's. Between work and life, a small space and time has reemerged itself from the shadowy depths of a packed agenda. I've been doing a lot of things in my off time, like fiddling with my new camera and my new phone. I recently bought a Pentax K-x and a Evo 4G, both of which are totally mind-blowingly awesome.
With me returning to writing some things, I expect to post a lot more about anime and stuff on here than previously done before. Maybe some pictures too, while I'm at it. Plenty of game talk too, as I've been playing so much these days. Warhawk, Dead Space 2, Black Ops, Greed Corp, and Global Agenda to name a few. I've finally reconnecting with my PS3 and 360 after many months of leaving them aside.
As much of a pessimist I am, I wanted to say there was no anime for me to talk about this season. But I got sucked into the hype of Madoka Magica. Infinite Stratos is also entertaining me for some reason I can't quite fathom yet. I'm quite intrigued by the Wolverine anime adaption and there's a few other shows that caught my eye.
With that said, later folks! Have some vids!

Miguel Bosé - Por Ti(Above & Beyond Mix)

Dead Space 2!!!

Madoka Magica OP

Infinite Stratos OP

This one just speaks for itself, I lol'd so hard. So hard.

Peace out everyone, Happy Super Bowl?