Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The working of the "boss" magical pet and the "worker bees" magical girls.
I will have assumed the readers are up-to-date on Madoka Magica.

By now, everyone thinks that Kyubey is evil and probably into little girls. But no, I refuse to accept that. Kyubey is just doing what he's supposed to do and he's good at it. He got Mami, Sayaka, Kyoko, and might eventually contract Madoka. He's good at his job, it's his purpose after all.
Kyubey's like that door-to-door salesman, he's a businessman. He's annoying, he finds any opportunity to catch you out in your yard, he takes advantage of your good will, but he's effective. He got you to buy whatever he's selling just so he would leave you alone. Just like those girl scouts last week that threatened to kick you where it hurts unless you bought their cookies.

So anyway, Kyubey's the boss(like a boss). And he's successfully employed little girls to do what he orders them to, which in this case is to kill witches and evil things. This deed awards them with those little dark grief seeds which will replenish their magical powers. But what does Kyubey get? Who knows? Maybe he gets ermine dollars like Chamo. Chamo got money for every pactio Negi formed. If that's the case, maybe Kyubey's just making ends meet. The more he contracts, the better life gets for him.

Getting back to the mad grab for grief seeds, there's more to be explored there. As Kyoko explained, the magical girl business isn't a play for righteousness. They're in it for the money, and that money is the grief seeds. They have to get these things, its essential to their survival as a magical girl. Without it, their powers would darken and they would eventually lose the fight against the witches. The supply doesn't match the demand either, every magical girl has her hunting territory, her very own turf. With Mami out of the picture, her ground is up for grabs.

Just like there's competition for grief seeds among magical girls, there should be competition for magical girls among magical pet things. Certainly, Kyubey can't be the only one out there contracting girls to do this magical girl bit. There has to be others out there and the competition is there too. Kyubey said himself that Madoka is special, she's a rare gem and he wants to cash in on this find before maybe another magical thing does. Even more so now that Mami bit the bullet.

So let's not call Kyubey evil just yet, okay? He's just doing what he has to do and he does it well. After all, if it wasn't for his contracting, you'd be committing mass suicide in a dark warehouse with people you don't know while you weren't even conscious.

And on a final note, I find Kyubey's look kind of weird. Are those ears coming out of his ears? And his tail is larger than his whole body, that's some unbalance right there. Then again, he's magical so anything goes I guess.

Did I mention I think this show is great for being so dark and evil?

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