Friday, July 15, 2011

Back From The Void

I have returned.

I have to say this, I am really, truly tired. Exhausted, fatigued, weak, in desperate need of some R&R. Working all day, all week, and then doing chores in my spare is becoming the end of me. This will all end soon when I return to college to further my education. Starting in the end of August, I'm going back to school. With that, I'll have some free time to do what I want to do and talk about it too.
There's a lot I want to talk about, games, movies, TV, anime, news, and such. I also think I'll bring back the good ol' papers to put me back in the academia mood. Rants are definitely coming back in, because I like having an outlet. Did I mention I have a camera now? That's means pictures, folks. Exciting times. But I'm tired and its late, so until next time!

Kai out!