Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Upcoming Games

The new year has me looking forward to a few games. While everyone might have their eyes on more popular titles, I picked out a few that might have flow under the radar.

Lost Ark

A Korean MMO that gives Diablo 3 a run for its money. Really nice graphics, awesome classes to choose from, and a skill system that looks quite fun to experiment with. Already a good line-up of classes and stuff to do, but made even better knowing that there's more coming. Not to mention the minigames and all the other things you can do(like fish). The only downside to this whole thing is Korean MMOs are notorious for their grinding, but that comes hand-in-hand with MMOs, I guess.

Black Desert

The thing I find the most fascinating about Black Desert is its character customization. It puts every other character customization I've seen to shame(Sims, Mass Effect, etc). That plus the graphics and gameplay make this Korean MMO one to watch.

Act of Aggression

Made by Eugen Systems and Focus Home Interactive, this upcoming RTS looks like the best RTS to come around for traditional RTS games in a long time. Both Eugen and Focus have tried-and-true experience with games like Act of War and recently released Wargame: Red Dragon. If anything, it seems to blend the two games into a hybrid form of awesome.


While not much is seen of this one, I have high hopes for it. It is also made by Focus Home Interactive, which seems to be doing really well lately.

Grey Goo

Petroglyph comes around for another try at the RTS genre. With the staff who made Dune and Command and Conquer, I have high expectations for what looks to be a promisingly fun game.

Special Mentions:
Ghost in the Shell Online

Nexon trying at my nerves by creating a FPS for Ghost in the Shell. While it might look decent, its clearly just a shooter with the characters of GitS thrown in. While I don't expect much, I will probably still check it out.


Closers just fulfills my need of anime-esque side-scrolling. It doesn't really stand out in any aspect. In fact, it is probably subpar compared to the other Korean MMOs out there. But I just decided to throw it in anyway.

Everyone else out there can look forward to other games like Starcraft 2's expansion to come out later in 2015. Personally, I want to watch CoD's Exo Zombies just for fun. There's also Tom Clancy's The Division, which will no doubt be awesome.